Would a backyard pond keep you from purchasing a house?

dirtboy58February 10, 2011

Is having a pond in the backyard a negative? If you had small children, would it be such a concern that you wouldn't consider purchasing? The pond is about 4,000 gallons and 4ft deep. In addition, there's a lot of landscaped naturalized areas around the perimeter of the backyard. Too much for a family to keep up? Does a person buy a house for only the house?

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I guess that is a personal preference. I have never had someone "not" want a house because of a pond. Most people think its a nice thing to have. I even have several high end buyers that are looking for homes "with" a pond and will not look at a home if the pond cannot be seen FROM the house! I will be putting my home on the market in the next few years and we have talked about putting a pond in. (its the type of property that a pond would attract the right buyer).

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I'd like a house with a scenic pond now, but it might have kept me from buying when the kids were little. It depends on what you mean by pond. My family has/had a 5 acre pond in my back yard when I was growing up. My younger siblings were born while we lived in that house. The pond wasn't a huge concern because there was a slope to walk in it. It didn't just drop off. Something like that does not bother me. If the pond went from berm to instant 4' dropoff, I'd be concerned.

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I wouldn't look at a house with a pool, but it would definitely be a plus if a house had a pond. (I have a little one that I empty in winter)

My brother & SIL recently bought a house with a pond, which they love! It wasn't an issue when buying the house, and they didn't realize how much they'd enjoy it.

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We turned down a house with a stream. It ran through the side of the property, was very pretty with a little walking bridge above it. My children were babies and I was afraid it could be dangerous. I would also worry about mosquitoes.

We wound up buying a house with a pool! In my mind the pool was safer. Had a fence around it with locking gates. I could see the pool from all the windows.

To each his own,


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Mosquitos will not lay eggs in flowing water, and any pond that has any amount of fish in it, will not produce mosquitos. They are fish food.

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For me, a man made pond would be a negative. Not a deal breaker, but I would factor in the price of removing it.

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If this were a natural pond or lake, or even like a farm pond, then no, it would not be a negative. Those require little to no maintainence. If this was something like a large manmade pond with a liner and filter setup that needed maintainence, then yes, that would be a BIG drawback to me in purchasing the home.

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There is a four acre pond in our community, with four homes abutting the pond. They don't go on the market often (about twice in 30+ years), and when they do, the sell very quickly. The latest sale was last year and the home was on the market zero days.

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It would depend on what kind of pond and how well done or not it was.
Personally I would LOVE a naturalized pond that attracted birds and nature, one large enough for a cooling float would be a plus.
A lot of people put in those small DIY ponds in the small pond craze without doing much research and these often turned into ill-maintained messes. Even better ones can require a lot of maintenance. These I would be a lot less thrilled about.

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Funny, but I was contemplating the purchase of a cheap house on over 2 acre.
Space for a pond, maybe, this requires engineering, definitely..
Poorly done, its a negative, well done, with adequate room its a plus and far better than a silly fireplace..
And I agree with Marys1000 100%.

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It would be easy enough to fill in if someone really didn't want it. That is about 1 trailer full of sand/fill, by my estimation.

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