posting summer pics of yard?

erinb007February 17, 2009

Hi, I am listing flat fee MLS and live in Ohio. I know some people advise against posting off season pictures of the yard. My paver patio is especially beautiful in the summer. Can I post a current picture of the front but a pretty summer pic of back yard?


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Why not post them? It will show people the house in the best light. If you're worried about being off-season, post a pic or two during winter as well.

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Of course you can. Frankly, seeing what it looks like under piles of snow is not all that useful.

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An immediate negative to posting them that I can see is it may make people think the house has been on the market since last summer and your listing is stale.

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I think its a great idea. People can't tell what the place looks like in winter.

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Date the photos so that people know when they were taken. Having a few from each season during the past year is fine.

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Date, or take a few interior pics that have windows with snow/winter outside. Label the outdoor ones "Patio in Summer" (or something).

It's only when all the pics are from summer that it appears possibly stale. But if most are from the season, with a couple from other seasons, then it doesn't have that appearance.

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Great ideas! Thanks

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