no utilities for 1 year

nelles_gwFebruary 6, 2014

Hello again,

I had asked the question about a Fannie Mae HOMEPATH home. Thank you all who responded.

I have learned that this house, which is in Central Florida, has had no utilities for 1 year. Which means that there was zero air conditioning for a year!

Would you run from this house? That is my inclination, as mold/mildew would be a major issue.


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I would probably have it inspected by a company specializing in mold. They would be best able to tell you how bad a mold problem there is in the house. They could also let you know how much it would cost to fix the problem. With that info you could then decide if you want to make an offer and how much to deduct from the asking price. But with a house that has been sitting for a year unoccupied, (I'm assuming) you will have more problems then just the mold. NancyLouise

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OK, NancyLouise, what other problems should I be worried about?


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Are there any signs of pests or rodents taking up residence? Are termites a problem in that area of FL? Check the foundation Has any maintenance been done to the home in a year? Roof tiles that needed fixing so the rain couldn't get in. Possibly rain getting into the interior walls damaging the wiring,etc. These things are what come to mind when you say it has been sitting for a year with no utilities. Just general running condition for a house. NancyLouise

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Thanks, NancyLouise, there are things I never wiuld have thought of.

The house is in a yard-maintained active adult community, but I doubt anything ha been maintained when it comes to the structure and interior of the house.

Thanks again,

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If it's a frame house (vice block), the first thing I would worry about would be WDO also depending on how old the house is. Newer construction requires pressure-treated framing so it will repel WDOs for a few years.

WDO = wood destroying organisms (ie termites, but also carpenter ants and other wood-eating bugs)

Some houses will be dry, some will be wet. You never know. There are many factors, but you can see and smell it usually if it's there. Just look for things like new paint that might be covering up mold/mildew damage.

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Just so you know, we purchased a foreclosure near Tampa that had no utilities on for over 3 years.

No mold and the AC worked perfectly once the power was turned on.

BTW our realtor was able to get the power turned on for our inspection.

Good luck


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