quilt from baby pajamas

MaeTMarch 7, 2013

Well I have started the quilt and is in the process of sewing the squares together. I need to buy the white fabric for the squares that is going to go around the coloured ones from the pj's. I have one rectangle outlined and there is suppose to be three more each one larger outside of the smaller ones. Was wondering if I should use white polyester cotton around those coloured ones. Not sure what I should use and hoping someone can give me an opinion on this.
Also should I take out the couple darker squares. I think they are standing out too much compared with the colours of the other squares.

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This is a picture of a quilt from Feels Like Home website. This was the quilt that DIL liked and wanted one made similar to this one. She requested 68 by 86 for Granddaughters bed when she transitions to a twin size bed from her toddler bed.

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Hopefully the picture will show up on this posting

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Boy, tough call. I kinda like the unique ones, but that's personal taste. Maybe you'd like them better if they were shifted too more of a confetti in the overall look?

I'm guessing that not all of the fabrics are all cotton, so the rest of the fabric is less important, but I'm no expert on shrinkages, etc. I might be tempted to throw in some flannel that coordinates with the pieces you've chosen instead of all white, again...so personal and white never hurts either.

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They are all from baby pajamas. I used light interfacing on the back because they were stretchy. I still have more colored print ones to add.

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Really, really cute idea for using her PJ's and making a keepsake quilt. I remember your discussions about this, and I am so happy to see a pic of your progress.

I would choose 100% cotton - solid white or a wow with dots or something sweet - like the inspiration quilt to showcase the PJ's. I would also preshrink the white cotton. Aside from the fact that I am a preshrinker :), the PJ's have been washed - probably often, and you want to prevent cotton from shrinking at a different rate.
The dark squares do jump out --- but in a good way. Place them strategically, perhaps in the first ring, opposite from each other for balance. The Car square would be cute as the focus center square.
I would also use Warm and White white batting- either the 100% cotton or their newish 80 / 20 cotton /poly blend, which is less crinkly after washing.
Again, this quilt is going to be so adorable. Please post a picture when you finish it.
Looks like a fun quilt to make! Lots of sweet memories.

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Oh, I like that. Are the pajamas made of flannel/fleece/double knit. If they are, instead of poly/cotton I'd be almost tempted to use a soft, natural flannel instead for the background or a similar material to the blocks you already have (laundered of course if it's new in case of shrinkage if it contains cotton or wool).

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I posted a reply earlier but don't see it anywhere.

I am so pleased that I didn't purchase the polycotton. Was at the store looking at what they had and it didn't feel right to go with the pajama fabric, so told hubby who was with me that I was going to go home and post on the Quilting Forum for advice.
The pajamas are different types but all stretchy and I also used part of some of her onesies. I am now considering either the flannel or 100% cotton. Going to take a square from the quilt when I go out of town (an hr drive away) to see what I can find at the fabric store there. Not much around here anymore in fabrics.
I like the dark purple squares and have a couple more to include but think I am going to send DIL a photo and see what she has to say about the dark ones.
I am also considering exchanging the car square with the pink centre one. That one is a girl with a bicycle that I cut from her onesie that I gave her. The car square does stand out better for the center.
I already have the Warm and White batting purchased. I think it is 80/20 but not sure. Couldn't find anything on the bag it is in that says that but doesn't matter, I have to preshrink it, Its says 3% shrinkage. I purchased 2 of those from Joann's 50% off so got a pretty good price even with the cost of shipping it to Canada. I have plans for making another quilt for her big sister. .

Thanks for the advice and more opinions are welcome if anybody has any other ideas of what might work. I will definitely post a picture of it once the quilt is finished. I have everything put aside until I can find the fabric I need.

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This is such a nice idea for a quilt it will be treasured forever I'm sure

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Well that's just darling! ....comment on the appearance only, you have enough other advice to follow ...
I look forward to seeing the final quilt.

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