OT - Bad weather in your area?

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMarch 2, 2012

I've been watching the Weather Channel and everytime they mention a city, I think of quilters I know who live in the area. Please let us know how things are in your area. Please stay safe.....they even recommend wearing helmets!


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We're getting downpours with chance of thunderstorms tonight. Flood watch in effect through the night.

Funny, I do that same thing, too, Sharon!

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There are so many areas tonight that have extremely high chance of tornadoes. Like Sharon says, please stay safe and take every precaution!

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I was outside much of the afternoon and we had some wind, but nothing bad.

I was just watching the news and it was all around us, really bad weather.

Stay safe everyone!

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We have had some wind and rain at my house, but there has been hail and tornadoes in the area. Schools were dismissed early, so I had to leave work early to keep the grands till SonIL got off work. Any excuse to leave work this week.


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We are expecting 60mph winds tonight with heavy rain. Pretty calm out right now but I am sure it is on the way because the dog is very restless.

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Mary, Isn't that wild how animals give us a heads-up? There must be a lot of stories out there on this subject from the recent storms.

Hope everyone is still ok.....


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East TN was rockin' and rollin' all day. Several tornadoes and damage everywhere. I am safe, no damage and didn't lose power which is very unusual. We had a storm with rotation go right over where I work in downtown Knoxville. That was a little freaky because I work on the top floor in a building made of glass surrounded by tall buildings made of glass!


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I was able to work in the yard and plant things and pull weeds all afternoon yesterday.
The news last night reported late afternoon storms for us. The thunder and lightening started at 10AM and I put out the candles. Starting this early we will prob loose electricity.
Mary ask your dog aboout our weather lol!
Rebecca I worked in a similar building in Orlando, I was on the top floor and we could see the hits the lightening rods took. SCARY!!
Hoping for the best for everyone!

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I hope everyone is OK! We had rain all day yesterday and all night. No damage in our area, but, watching the Savannah news just and hour away they had a lot of damage. We were lucky!

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Rebecca, that storm you saw passed on to Murphy, NC and did damage the Walmart, Big Lots, WKRK radio station antena and Wayne's Feed store also. Our little cabin is ok and the NC neighbors there are ok. One large tree came down and they got it cut up and toted off so the gal could use her driveway. Glad there were no injuries! Our friend in Blue Ridge, GA said it was quite a night Fri. She used her nervous energy to hem 4 pairs of jeans until 2 am!
Our quilt group sent emails and kept in touch with each other with reports. They are safe.
This Sun. morn. in Orl. we were pelted with winds and rains. Scary.
Stay alert and safe, Everyone!

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I'm in East Tennessee near Rebecca, and no damage where I'm at either. A lot nearby, though. Very scary. Sharon, my dh tries to put our horses in the barn if we know hail is possible. They usually stay in the pasture, but like to be out of the elements when it's really bad. Glad to hear everyone is OK.


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Gwen, I was waiting for the wind and rain, but it never came. I was hoping the leaves would blow away....or at least to the back of the house. lol

Robbi, Good idea about the horses. Hail can be very damaging. Years ago, one of my girls had her vehicle totaled and my sister's newly bought house had so much siding damage done by hail, it had to be replaced.


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I wonder......has the weather always been this violent and destructive? Or, does the internet and immediate access to weather reports and media coverage make it seem like the destructive weather patterns are more wide spread and frequent?

I cringe and have a hard time wrapping my mind around the tornadoes. I hope everyone is safe. I feel horrible for those who have lost their homes, and towns, friends and family.

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