River Rok? Salt Water? Basic info?

leriekJuly 18, 2011

Ok we just purchased a home with a pool that needs new plaster, tile and coping. Let me start by saying I know nothing about pools, I have never had one. I have been in pools with salt systems and love the water. What is the difference in maitanence in a salt system? Does salt make sense? Also originally we were just going to go with white plaster again (that's what's there), but we are now throwing around other surfaces. Our pool builder (guy we like and want to do the work) uses river rok, diamond brite, or plaster. Is River Rok comparable to Pebble Tech? We need low maintenance, and we live in MA so we have to close the pool for the winter (want low maintenance in the winter). We also want to not have to re-plaster in the next 5-10 years. The pool is huge, 20 x 50, so does the river rok expense make sense?

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All three will give you the longevity you seek with RR and DB giving you a few years more than a straight marcite finish.

The only way RR makes sense is if you like the look and feel. If I had a gunite pool (mine is a liner pool) I would use DB over the other two for that exact reason. If I wanted a pebble type finish, it would be a PT or Wet Edge. These high aggregate finishes, with normal care, will outlast all others by a wide margin.

The normal care for all of the above finishes is the same once the finish is cured past the first month. Keeping on top of pool's chems with a good test kit will help ensure you get the most out of it's life.

Because the season is short for you, when you pull the trigger, time it for mid Spring, before the pollen season gets going or late May when the onslaught is done. This will give your finish the best opportunity to cure more fully without worrying about pollen stains setting on a fresh finish, the period where a finish is at its most vulnerable.


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