Infinity Pool / When pump on, fresh water added

konaconnieJuly 6, 2011


I recently bought a house in Kona with an infinity edge pool. Every time the pump runs, the trough drains and new water (city utility company) is added. I noted the water meter numbers before the pump turned on (which ran for about 4 hours) and then immediately after. No other water was consumed at my house (no showers, no sprinklers, no dishwasher, etc). 1,280 gallons of water was pumped into the pool. I must have a leak, but don't see any water on the ground, behind the infinity wall or near the pump or decking. I know the trough is supposed to drain, flow to the filter, the enter the pool and then the pool water flows over the edge back into the trough. Not sure why I'm using so much water. My water bills have been awfully high. Any advice is appreciated. My pool guy thinks there is a leak, but not much help other than stating that and wanting to call an expert in Hilo that checks for leaks. I have been gathering data points for the last 3 days and have many measurements I have put into an Excell spreadsheet. Net, every time the pump runs, the fresh water valve turns on and runs to fill the trough until the pump turns off. Thanks, Connie

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While that seems to be a lot of water, you didn't mention the pool specs. or usage patterns.

The square footage of the pool's surface, the length of the wall, the drop, the size of the trough, if there is an auto-filler, and the temps of the water.

It is possible to evaporate that much or enough of a percentage that if it is due to a leak, it's not as big as you think.

Does the pump that operates the negative edge, ever draw air from the trough?

Does the catch basin ever look over full?


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