Planning my blue & white quilt

teresa_nc7March 8, 2011

So - last year for my birthday block I asked for the Swapper's Star on and received some great blue and white blocks. I've made some more on my own and will be shopping for additional blue fabrics next week in Lancaster.

I think I want to have these Swapper's Star blocks be positioned on the top of my double bed then have a white border followed by a scrappy blue border of the Delectable Mountain blocks. This scrappy blue border of the Mountains will be hanging down the sides of the quilt with only the Star blocks resting on the bed top.

Do you think I need to put the Star block top together with sashing and setting squares (at least one row) to measure it and make sure it will fit the way I want it to on the bed top? What do you think of this arrangement? Will it work? Do you have a better suggestion for a pieced border? Opinions welcome!

I added a link to an image of the Swapper's Star quilt

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Teresa, I think it would depend on how many blocks you have to work with and how big the top of your bed is as to how to manage the sashing. I like the way the sashing was done in the picture. If your bed is high enough, how would 2 rows of the mountains look? I put a single row around Salijo's last year. Her entire quilt was Scrappy Mountains, but I really liked the way the border turned out.


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I think that's a great idea. I'd lay it on the top of the bed before starting the border. I think a delectable mtn is a great idea and would work since you can make it as wide as you want without losing the design. It might look differently laying on a bed so I'd do that much first. I did that with mine and decided to add an extra row so I know that visual is important.

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I think the pattern would work great with the del. mt. boarder. I agree that the stars need to be adjusted to the bed before working on the border as fit will make or break it. I might suggest a very narrow blue border around the white border (could even be piping) to give definition to the stars. Just a thought. Looking forward to see how it works for you. Jayne

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Yes, Jayne, I think the narrow blue border around the center star panel is in order. The white sashing around each star will be narrow....probably 1-inch finished with scrappy setting squares of the various blues.

The Del.Mt. border will also be scrappy medium to dark blues.

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Nice! I agree the DelMtn border will finish this off very nicely. Are you planning on making the mountains scrappy themselves? Or each mountain all the same fabric within the block but every mountain different from each other?

Enquiring minds want to know :)


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I agree with the others. Put together the SS blocks first and lay it on the bed so you can get a better idea. I think borders and then DMs is a great idea.

Would love to see pics as the project progresses.


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Sharon, do you have a picture of Salijo's DM quilt? I don't recall seeing it although I probably did. Would love to see a picture!


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there is a photo of the quilt top in the Gallery from january 2010 and the subject is "Don't Look Salijo"


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Faye, I first thought of making each Del.Mts. block scrappy w/in itself, but I think I will be happy with making each block all one fabric and mixing them up so each block is a different fabric from it's neighbors. For a while I was debating about putting all four borders on the quilt as the top will be under pillows and the bottom will be tucked behind the foot of the bed. But my quilting buddies convinced me to put borders on all sides.


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As I like to rotate my quilts I think all around borders work well. Jayne

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I like borders all around too. It's weird because they aren't going to show under the pillows, but I know they are there lol!!!!!
I remember Salijo's gorgeous quilt!!!
I love the Swapper's Star, can;t wait to see the pics.

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Well, DOH! My rememberer didn't remember correctly. Go figure! I'm sorry. I think it would have looked good with the sides done, too. @:)


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