ideas on picture framing walls/wainscot

hereigoApril 21, 2009


About to paint redo my 20 by 15 foot living/dining room and 15 x 14 bedroom and wondering what anyone thought about picture framing or wainscotting? I will have light hardwood floors and crownmolding/indirect/strip lighting.... pretty much an open book. Prefer the transitional/contemporary look....

thanks for any and all ideas!!

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Picture framing and wainscotting say "traditional" to me ;
I would not do it.

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I think wainscoting works in a dining room or a kitchen... not so much in living rooms or bedrooms. Its original, historical purpose was to protect walls against abuse by chairs.

Here is a before/after of bedroom wainscoting. Just my opinion, but I think it looks odd.

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I think it just depends on the room and the can be done fairly strikingly in about any home..but also it surely depends on your taste.

Check out Christoper Lowells books..esp his two newest ones..he even shows how to do the picture framing in one of them

as far as transitional and eclectic Christopher Lowell is a genius..and his projects are always affordable..he has several fantastic books out..sure you can use this in a traditional house..but it will just add texture to the walls or wainscot in any house..

another choice besides picture frames is actual cabinet front panels..put side by side along a wall as a the height you want..say 30 or 36" or so..and then divide your space by the width of the panels..say 18" or 24" or 30 "..and just fasten them to the wall..paint or leave much easier for those who have few carpentry skills or little money for a carpenter

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wow, im very shocked at the responses. i love pic frame wainscotting!!! we are putting it in our mater bedroom we are building!!i think its beautiful!! like other pp have said in other threads-ignore the rules go wiht your taste!!

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thanks so much for all the ideas and opinions and info...this site is amazing!

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i love it..what better way to add architectural elements for a few a plain unexciting wall !!

I also think it can go with ANY style..depending on how it is used

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I agree, go with the picture frame style. If I had the guts I would have done it to our living room, but I went with beadboard instead. Still like it though. But with the picture frame style, you can paint it almost any color and it will be gorgeous.

I just love wainscoating in any style. To me it's "casual elegant."

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Done right, what people have recently taken to calling "picture frame molding" can look great. It's a very traditional look--it's in every room, bedrooms & all, at the White House--but one that's trickier than a lot of people realize to get right. I've seen some really bad uses of it, where it would have been far better to just stick with plain walls.

Of course, this doesn't mean that an amateur can't tackle it, only that it takes a lot of planning beforre hand. And rather than needlessly embarrass people by showing pictures of some of the terrible botched jobs I've seen, I drew a diagram showing how to do it right. Like I said, it's not that difficult, but since every room is different, every rooms best layout--every wall's best layout, for that matter, which is the key--will be different. This is a case where One size definitely doesn't fit all, and where the old "There are no rules" line can get people in a whole heap o' trouble.

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Picture Framing: does this mean that the wallboard stays and the picture frame shapes created by the molding are nailed on top of the wallboard? What happens if there isn't a stud to nail these to?

Great illustration, BTW, Magneverde.

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We added chair rail and panel moulding throughout our main floor and I LOVE it!!! My name is rmkitchen, and I am a moulding-aholic.

There, I've said it.

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thanks- rmkitchen- your moldings are gorgeous!!! and thanks too for the diagram magnaverde. I must say the support on this site has helped decreased my anxiety tremendously!
I was thinking of picture framing the bottom of the walls in the living/dining room and the top half in the bedroom.... any thoughts?

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Hope you can see this -- check out the Garcia collection of furniture (under the heading of "By Collection" -- BUT look at the "Room Scenes" -- and look at the wide flat moldings around the door in the dining room photo ....

How about wide flat-strap moldings in a simple grid pattern on the walls? Strong simple modern lines ....

Here is a link that might be useful: Jacques Garcia collection designs -- look at the door molding in the dining room scene

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We added it to our piano room. I love the look and am glad that my painter suggested it. It is just molding nailed to the wall. The chair rail is added also in this room. So much warmer than it was before. We have 12 ft ceilings and added very wide crown too to make the rooms more intimate. Hope this helps you visualize. c

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with mouldings like this if you can't find studs generally it can be glued on..i know some of you HATE glue..but it can be..and should be glued and nailed..however don't be afraid of glue..and caulking any seams and holes if you are painting the mouldings.

so if you don't have studs where you are using it..use a good quality fast stick glue.

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Ok, let me see if I understand: you nail and or glue the molding to the walls. Then if you want everything from the chair rail down to look like it's white wood you paint. What sheen do you use? The rest of my trim is high gloss white. I hate to be so dense but I'm thinking of doing this in my DR and want to get it right.

Window molding, chair rail, crown molding and baseboard: high gloss white

Picture molding: high gloss white?

Sheetrock below chair rail is now pretending to be wood: high gloss white also?

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We painted the picture frames and the whole area under the chair rail the same as the trim ( window molding, crown). But ours is satin. I don't know about a high gloss- I probably have to paint a section and see what I thought of it.

You can really do anything you want with these frames and the areas inside and outside of them. I have seen wallpaper inside, the frames painted like trim, the wall space painted something else.....

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