Help! The decks poured today are cracking!

Suzee7447July 27, 2011

Hello everyone,

I'm somewhat concerned about the amount of cracking that is occurring on our newly poured decking. We have numerous cracks running all through the concrete. I called the PB when I arrived home and discovered this. The response I got was pretty typical (i.e. with the Texas heat you are going to get some hairline cracking just make sure you are watering). I am reasonable and understand that some cracks may occur however I had a 22x40 slab for an office/carport addition poured in 102 degree heat 8 days ago without a single crack. The difference is the contractor was set up and ready for the first truck at 8 am and basically finished by noon. When I left my house this morning at 9:30am the trucks had not arrived. My daughter phoned at noon to tell me they had just arrived. So I'm thinking they poured in the heat of the day and it just dried out too quick. PB is now saying they can spray it with some 'solution' and we would never be able to see the cracks. This 'solution' sounds like snake oil to me...

Not sure what to do at this point. Any thoughts or advice?


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Shrinkage cracks occur because concrete crews add water to the mix at the jobsite.

Get a copy of the batch ticket from the ready-mix company. this will provide the cement content(5 sack, 6 sack, etc.), slump, and it will note how much water was added at the jobsite. They note all this info because it is common for concrete people to blame the mix.

Pool decks generally are poured with a 5 or 6 sack mix with about 4" of slump. Sometimes additives such as "air" are used to slow the set time. The batch mix my also vary if they are using a pump to install the concrete.

Talk to your PB. If he is using a subcontractor for the deck, he can provide the necessary info.

I'm not familiar with anything to cure cracks. I could make a million dollars with that product!

Did you contract for a deck with a top coating or spray deck? This is the only instance I can think of that might mitigate shrinkage cracks. Good luck.

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