Ugly Spa Waterfall - Ideas Needed!

MzKizJuly 1, 2013

We have just closed on a home that has a really ugly "pile o'rocks" waterfall that empties into the spa. Our pool guy said if we pulled this out, it would have to be replaced with something else as it is the return line to the spa. Our other concern is how much damage there would be to the pool deck and tile if it were removed (the rocks are set in concrete). We also know that removing the rocks would be a very time consuming, tedious process (very small hammer & very small chisel), but we would be willing to do it if we thought we could do it without a lot of damage. The best solution would be to come up with a way to camoflage the rocks so they aren't such an eyesore. We can certainly surround it with potted plants or even expand the rocks with a more artistic rock waterfall feature, essentially covering much of the existing structure.

Would love to hear other ideas! Thanks for the help!

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Oh my! That is...interesting. Is there coping underneath the rock or is it cemented onto the beam?

If you don't tear it out, the only way I can see to camouflage it would be to build a custom planter around it and use plants to soften the look.

That said, the rest of your pool looks lovely!

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wow. that is pretty scary. There is a company called Grande effects that makes some pretty cool spill over water features that might work. Planters..copper pots...lot of cool stuff. I'll bet your find something there. we have a few pics on our site, but go to grand effects to see more.

tony C

Here is a link that might be useful: monogram custom pools

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What were they thinking... How about building over it. Imagine a box over it covered in tile with a sheer descent waterfall. It would be modern. U would have to make sure the water line could reach. Goodluck

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I like the idea of working a planter of some sort into it, that would make it look good IMO.

That thing does not match that pool at all, not sure what they were thinking.

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Thanks everyone for your ideas. Having now spent a bit of time in the pool, I have to say, the sound from the waterfall is quite nice and when you look at the rocks straight on from in the pool, they look OK, although we certainly would have preferred a different type of waterfall that would have matched the style of the pool more closely. I think we will probably try the approach of building a planter around it first and see how that looks - we have a very extensive home remodel ahead of us so I'm hoping this is just one of the minor issues we can knock out quickly! Thanks again for the help!

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