my home is finally listed & i'm a bit disapointed

suz1023February 27, 2013

not their fault, but the real estate agents haven't seen this house in the summer and because my computer crashed and burned i can no longer find any summer pics of the place. i do have a plea out to family to send me better photos but nothing yet.
here's the listing---is it really dull or is it me?

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Sorry the link doesn't work for me. I copied and pasted.

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I edited this post to remove the corrected link so that the OP doesn't get fined since it isn't a public link (see posts below to understand what I mean). Hopefully the OP stops by to remove the partial link in their post. Oops.


My personal opinion is that if I see a house with pictures from a different season, then I assume that it's been on the market for a while. And I'd wonder why.

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Are you sure you want to display a page that says "Non Public Display" and has the owner (your) name & number at the bottom??

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I think the snow is lovely, and helps your first line of "being near the ski resort".

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Also, is it true your 3rd bedroom is only 10x6? That is like 1/2 a bedroom; or a closet.

finally, use this link-- it has the pictures only

(in order to get the other link down, you'll have to have the other person pull it for you. You can't edit posters posts, that I am aware of).

Here is a link that might be useful: photos

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Do you really have SIX bathrooms?

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This is the same MLS program that my board uses and it is a $100.00 fine if we use the "Full Display/Non Public Display" and it is used in Public Display.
I know that most people can easily find out this information anyway but it is a board rule that is enforced.

btw...the interior pictures look pretty good.

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The photos are nice... except for the room with the cats.
What is the purpose of that room? How does anyone sit on that couch?

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oh i had no idea!! thank you so much!
yeah, the cats and the day bed got missed, i'l ask her to replace it with a better shot.

and yes, we have six bathrooms total cuz i married a plumber!
a mudroom bath, a hallway powder room and each bedroom has a bathroom as does the barn studio.
good point about seeing pics of the seasons, i had not thought of that at all.
my challenge here is to stay calm and sell this place!

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Good luck with the sale!

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The snow photos showcase nature's beauty, and why people want to live in Vermont. The overall exterior is charming, especially with the metal roof. The acreage is gorgeous. But....

You essentially have a 2 bedroom house, not a 3. Bedroom #3 is smaller than the utlity room, so it's really a closet. And that second actual bedroom is in the basement. So, in many eyes, that's a 1 bedroom house. A 2500 square foot one bedroom house with 6 bathrooms. That is more than a little odd.

A true commercial range in a kitchen brings to mind all kinds of issues with insurance and risk of burns, as well as the heat load for the summer with it always burning gas.

All of the actual homes in your price range seem to have a lot more bedrooms and seem to be larger and more updated. Like the 11 bed 8 bath former bed and breakfast for 550K (129 Maple Street), One that is close to you on paper (67 Old Pump Road, 05465) and is pending looks like an ad for a log cabin manufacturer. It's really stunning, despite having only 1 full bath.

IMHO, the home will be difficult to market to the modern home shopper as a single family home with it's space limitations. It would be better marketed for land value, with the electric, driveway and other improvements for someone who wants do a teardown to build, or possibly subdivide. There is another land tract for sale in your area with a pending sale that is 15K cheaper than your home. Your home should also be listed as a lot if the MLS in your area allows that.

Here is a link that might be useful: 35 acres of land 450K

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no, my home is a true three bedroom home, not sure why you think it's a one bdrm!!

the 24x16 space is currently a studio for a staff apt.
the 10x6 measurement is the actual measurement of the bed alcove in that apartment, which is on the ground floor of our hillside home.
if a buyer would rather not have a kitchen in that space and use it strictly as a bedroom, it's designed for the kitchen pieces to be taken out quickly and easily for that very reason. it was designed that way for versatility.
second bedroom is on the main floor of the homes and is handicapped access with full bath.
third bdrm is on the top floor, the master with another full bath.

your thoughts on commercial ranges are interesting, i suppose because dh is in the trades that it's normal to us--and it is installed properly with adequate fan etc.
true though about summer use, we bbq almost every warm day here. no insurance regs here either btw.

i will send your feedback to my listing agent nonetheless.
thank you!

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here's some new wording --i appreciate your opinions.
Falling Waters Farm

This mountainside farmstead boasts waterfalls and a private swimming hole directly behind the comfortable and very versatile builder's personal home.
featuring 3+ ensuite bdrms + two powder rooms, + office/library/game room space for a growing family or a great vacation home.
plenty of storage in the barn for toys or livestock, a fenced, irrigated garden, stone walls and firepits.
inside the cooks kitchen showcases a vintage commercial vulcan range, breakfast bar and huge work sink. the great room has walls of windows to the view, a wet bar and a breakfast bar.
the master bdrm has the enitre top floor with beamed cathedral celings, chandelier and a corner hearth with mantle.
large walk-in closet has full size w/d.
beautiful large tiled bath with bidet, shower and whirlpool for 2.

not finished but on the right track?
thanks so much!

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I only view the photos. I don't like snow, but your photos are stunning, IMO. The home is clean and shows perfect in the photos - inside and out. The snow looks awesome in those photos.
If not sold by mid-spring, then get new photos that show the outside (and views to the outside) without snow.

I bet it sells by then. It's a very nice home and lovely grounds as well. It looks like something out of a magazine photo shoot.

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sweet tea you are so kind!

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The second wording is better ... knowing one of the bathrooms is in the barn, and 2 of them are powder rooms

With the en suite baths, it could work well as a ski party house :)

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Your home is beautiful. If your agent can get out there and take some photos on a sunny day I would replace the ones currently used that are from a cloudy day.

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I would make sure it's clear that there's a studio/apartment in the house, rather than the barn. I wasn't sure when I was looking.

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Does the property include fee-simple transfer of the stream bed itself? You show a lot of stream pics, so the implication is that it conveys, as opposed to just having views of a stream which is either owned by someone else or in the public domain. (And public domain opens public-access - and the downsides of that as an issue.)

I ask because the maps attached to the listing seem to have the stream set off as a separate parcel.

The stream is the best and most compelling selling point, so this is a very important issue. Streams are rare and unique.

A map showing the property outlines - including relation to stream - would be very helpful. The map attached to the listing defaults to a property acoss the street, and the little arrow for yours doesn't seem to be corrrectly attached to anything. Maybe because the lisiting is new?

FWIW, some of the pictures might be improved by some further decluttering (room with half-height blue curtains)and strategic removal of furniture (green room with fireplace, desk in windows and china cupboard - too much furniture clusterd there makes the area look cramped). I think better pics of kitchen would improve listing. Is the big peninsula thing furniture or built-in? I ask because it doesn't seem to match the other cabs. Are there conventional cabs in the un-shown part of of the kitchen? Is that a free-standing stainless prep sink near the stove?

Could the pic of the whirlpool tub be re-framed to de-emphasize its closesness to the toilet?

Is the age (1816) of the structure correct? I was disconcerted to see that info when viewing a building which seemed so late-20th c (windows, massing, etc?)

The prop. description notes "farming" as an option. What is on the land now? I realize VT is not Iowa (my family has 7 generation roots in Chittenden Co.) but with farming mentioned I wanted to see more info about that.

A Google search of the property address (I was trying to resolve the property outline issue vis a vis the stream) turns up an approved 2001 zoning variance with the barn only 16 feet from the road. Maybe not this property?). In snow country closeness to the public road can be a blessing, or not. The listing seems to be for a more remote setting, which may set up some disappointment, or alternatively incorrectly discourage those people would who wouldn't touch a property without very close access to the road. Whichever way it is, make sure the listing reflects that.

I am happy for you that you have (finally!) got the property listed. I'd just add green pics when Spring gets here, unless it is already sold, which I hope is true!



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liri you are so thoughtful!
i'll try to clear up a few of your questions, as if you have them i bet others will too!
the 37.8 acres is on both sides of the brook--i own the ground under the water but of course not the water itself.
i purchased the home on 2.2 acres in 1989 and my dear husband purchased the 35.6 acres for my horses years later. it is techincally two parcels which is necessary for subdivision.
oh and we have 2500+ running feet of brookfront!
i suspect it's too late for different pics, though there are now summer ones showing off the waterfalls which i hope will help. i guess i might be able to add pictures though...

the barn is close to the road--which was a dirt logging road until the 60s when it was improved and paved.
however most of the land across the brook frm the house is remote from neighbors and the road.
i wonder if it will show this weekend?
i am barely keeping my anxiety at bay!

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I would include a fuller written description of the two-parcel, ownership status of both banks and under the stream bed. That is the irreplaceable Wow! factor your property has. Farmhouses aren't uncommon, modernized farmhouses aren't uncommon, houses near skiing aren't uncommon, even houses with spectacular views aren't uncommon in that part of VT, but that stream is to. die. for! It puts your property in a class all its own.

You are correct that if this occurred to me, it may occur to some else following exactly the same " would I get the stream, or not" thought. With the stream parcel showing on the Google-linked map from the listing as a separate unconnected unit, it makes it confusing. But what you've described, plus maybe more about potential subdividable access to second parcel would make it more understandable and compelling. You could make a sketch and sub it for one of the pics. No survey or plat needed, unless you already have them.

I think easy access to publicly maintained roads is not necessarily a drawback, especially if one of your buyer-targets would be weekenders/skiers, etc. The last thing one wants at the end of a long drive up from the City is access hassles with a snowed/ drifted- in long private drive. (I know, my own private road in snow country is nearly a quarter mile long. It requires a full-sized tractor with a plow and snow blower that's 5 feet wide.)

I will look forward to hearing how things go. Very good luck to you!


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