Can anyone give me some advice about a grace quilt frame please.

lynn06March 27, 2011

A sunny hello from Minnesota where it is presently 26 degrees. I hope everyone is having a terrific day.

I was hoping someone might know something about grace quilting frames. I just seen an ad that someone in our area has a quilting frame for sale. I talked to the owner who said that she purchased it in 2004, set it up and has done maybe 6 quilts on it. She said once they had it set up it remained up. It comes with all the instructions and the box it came in. But she said there doesn't seem to be any number on it anywhere so I can't seem to do any research on it on-line. She paid $964 and wants to sell it for $325. I don't find the time to quilt much but keep adding to my pile of fabric so I'm trying to decide if I should make such a purchase or will it just sit there collecting dust which is why she is selling it. I'm wondering if anyone could give me some advice on this. The frame is wooden with metal rails and plastic carriage. It goes up to queen size. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.

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I don't have a Grace frame so I can't help you with this. I am assuming it is for machine quilting with the metal rails and carriage. Have you looked at the Grace website? What size machine are you planning to use on it?
I have a table top machine quilting frame that works on the same principle as the Grace frame. I have had it since 2004 and have quilted over 115 quilts on it. The price quoted seems reasonable to me.
Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Grace frames

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I can't help, but I wish someone where I live would sell one! I've been looking and would love to have one, but just can't justify the cost right now. Good luck on your quest :-)


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I still haven't decided what to do, maybe it's even sold by now and that would end my dilemma...
I did check out the Grace website and it makes me wonder how much they have probably even improved since this frame was made.
I was planning on using my Viking 555 sewing machine if I bought it.
Wow Linda, you are one busy lady, 115 quilts done. I am so impressed.

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I have been looking at a frame system for years and my prob is the space.
From what I have found the Gracie frame takes about the most part of a day to set up. Easy enough with instruction (and they have instructions posted on their site) but once you have it set up it would be a pain to take it down. It would take up so much space in my sewing room I wouldn't have much space to sew lol!!!
This site has lots of posts about the frames.
Sorry the forum will not allow me to post the site due to probs with spam. If you do a search it will come up.

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Heehee, I took over the dining room for my quilting frame! We never used the dining room, anyway.

I have an original Hinterberg frame. The ends are wood and the rails are 10' pieces of steel conduit. It can be moved intact, though it's a challenge moving something 10' long! It comes apart pretty easily - we moved it assembled into the garage for Christmas and after Christmas I took it apart and moved it one piece at a time back into the dining room and put it back together in about an hour.

I have a 9" long Juki machine on the frame, and you can't quilt very much in one pass with it, though I don't quilt enough or sell my quilts in order to justify a bigger machine. You just learn to work with what you have! But I would say if your machine is any smaller than 9" you will be really frustrated trying to use it on a frame.

There's a Yahoo group called Home Quilting Systems. The members of the group have all kinds of frame setups, so you should be able to get some information on the Grace frames. There's probably a Grace Yahoo group, too.


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