Boy, that felt good!

ritaweedaMarch 30, 2012

I went to the LQS which was having a 30% off sale today and bought 7 yards of fabric!!! (Income Tax Refund!) This might seem like a trivial thing but I've been working out of my stash for over a year now and I just decided I deserved a treat. I bought all Batiks, now I have to do something special with it. Still haven't started on the backing for the string quilt, been trying to do as much as possible in the yard before the heat really sets in.

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Ooooo! Congrats! Once the heat of summer sets in for us Floridians, you'll be glad you've got all these beautiful, cool batiks to work on. I've been trying to get my gardening done too, but it's a huge job. I'm about ready to hire the enterprising kid across the street to do some of it.


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You really did deserve that, Rita! Have fun!!!


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Yes you did deserve it!! especially since you have been so good for so long lol!!!

I know what you mean about getting the yard in order before the heat sets in. It is already 88 tomorrow and I think we will have a really hot summer. There is a full month that I hide inside with the AC - this year it may be 2 or more!!!

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A new bit of fabric does wonders for our psychy. It always makes me feel good even though I have more fabric than the store already. Good for you!

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Yay, Rita! I bought some FQs at the last quilt show I went to. It did feel good! I hadn't bought any in a long time, either.


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Rita, a perfect reward for using your stash for over a year! Isn't it amazing how good buying fabric we love makes us feel?? Now for a plan......but until with them lovingly :)

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Batiks are my favorites! Have fun.


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I have to confess that I broke my fabric buying fast as well. But you lasted far longer than I did. I went on a little shopping trip to Maine last week and came home with several yards more than the 3 1/2 yds of wide muslin backing that I was allowing myself. There's just something about fabric, really. It almost calls out to you! *LOL* I don't think anyone but a quilter would understand. So way to go, Rita. You definitely deserved it!


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Boy can I relate. Over 16 years ago I got to Joanne's outside of Boston from Canada. My jaw dropped in their fabric section - I had 2 tables cutting for some time. One table was 4 yard measurements and the other was 2 yards. I just kept looking, grabbing, deciding how much I wanted and dropped accordingly on either table. Hubby went to a computer shop and then came into the store with a Starbucks. He looked a little lost and found the fabric area. The lady asked if he was looking for that lady (she pointed at me). After he nodded she suggested he go for another coffee....we weren't married yet...when we got to the border I used most of what we were allowed at the time - drove up to the border guard waving my fabric receipt of $600.00 US in 1994. Paid the extra duty on what I was over and we got married. Any man that would let me go nuts in a fabric shop like that deserved to have someone to scrub his undies! I'm still using some of that stash to this day. And I still have no complaints doing his laundry (wink!) LOL to my man.

Once in awhile you just have to have it. I never spent that much since but boy at the time was it ever good for my soul. I totally get where you are coming from.


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I'm just sitting here laughing. I've done the hog-wild routine a few times myself. You get a chance like that, you'd best grab it. If you don't, you'll regret missing the opportunity later.

I keep talking about my wool stash I bought when a local shop went out of business. That was over twenty five years ago and it's still neatly folded and pristine in a platic tub destined to be made into a quilt (enough for more than a few quilt, I suspect). It was 'my next project' about five quilts ago thanks to this fourm. You are all enablers and have led me astray with your quilt pictures I just keep getting side-tracked on. Then there was that little linen outlet in Dorset, England. Then there is my mother's raw silk stash. sigh.

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Hey Calliope,

W/ these stashes of your, wool & silk I hope you open them from time to time & check for moths & then maybe refold them in the opposite direction. I've had old stored silks be damaged in the crease-marks, so that's why I suggest this, also hope they're not in plastic, but something breathable like a cloth pillow case.

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Yes.......and thanks for the info.......I do take my wools out and check them and they're weathering fine. The silks are raw silk, very soft and nubby and look almost like a heavy, soft, textured cotton. Not at all like finished silk and they don't crease for the most part. It's not a fabric one sees in America. I've seen it once here. It's so rugged, my mother used to make children's clothes out of it. I'm like Silas Marner. I get into my stashes just to feel them and, and look at them, smell them and then put them away until the next time. So they get inspected and moved around regularly.

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