mjishernameoJuly 27, 2012

We had pretty much decided on the 16x32 freeform fiberglass pool. It has a 6 ft deep end and 3 1/2 ft shallow. perfect for our needs....I thought. then husband cut a large piece of tarp into exact size and shape and placed on looks really small. He is leaning towards bigger....I could go either way...

Has anyone had any experience with this....regret or wished you'd gone bigger or smaller? Share please....thanks in advance.

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Yes, we went through this. When we originally signed our contract for our fiberglass pool, we went with a San Juan Atlantic (16 x 33), but I was having second thoughts on it being too small, and a pool build is really something that should be done once... so I upgraded early on to the San Juan Stardust (16 x 38). We've VERY happy we did this. Lot's of room for friends and family, and lot's of space to swim the full pool to exercise. Those extra 5 feet really did make a difference!

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Thank you so much....We are leaning to the bigger size too...the worst thing would be having a tiny pool after all of this money and hassle. what color did you get?

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We wanted white, and we're also glad we went that direction. I'm not sure if it's the color, plus direct sun for the entire day, but our water is routinely 85-88 degrees, and we don't even have a heater. It stays this warm through midnight, too. we've had plenty of late-night swims on hot, muggy nights with the colored LED's flooding the pool. Couldn't be happier! Any other questions, just ask away...

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Thanks again ! I too, leaned toward the white because I love that clear, sparkling , blue color. But I was outvoted by family and now Im set on the light granite blue. It seems to have more sparkle than the flat blue that I don't like. Im now just anxious to get started. We are going to up the size to 18x37. Ill keep you posted and thanks again for your help.

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