Not really quilting but new use for scraps & quilting magazines

polardreamsMarch 26, 2011

My son's girlfriend teaches high school math and she is having her students create a quilt square - approx 7" using math terms - to help understand geometry. She came over today to borrow some old quilt magazines to help them visualize the concepts she is teaching.

She had a ball going through the magazines looking at all the quilts in visualizing in math terms!

Students will each then have to design & execute a square and explain each piece in math terms. (way beyond my brain - that's why I taught social studies & language arts!) When they are finished, the classes (3) will put their squares together into quilts and have a competition to see which of the 3 quilts is best. I gave her a sack of scraps to give the students that can't afford to go out & buy their own fabric.

She is going to have them either sew (with parent's help) or fuse with wonderunder to a base block. I will probably help with the final assembly into the finished quilt.

Who knows, maybe this will help inspire a new generation of quilters??

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What a cool idea! I hope you'll be able to show us pictures of their finished quilts!


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What a neat idea! Our geometry teacher had us make string pictures to get across the idea of planes (I think).

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That is exciting. It is so nice when the academic becomes part of the real world, a wonderful learning experience and fun to boot. Maybe there will be some new quilters budding from the effort. Jayne

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What a great project for the classes to do! Hope to see the quilts when they're finished.


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A very practical exercise. sometimes Maths seems so useless, but when a teacher can show her students a practical use for the information they're learning, it makes it more interesting. Plus she's showing how you can use an abstract idea in a concrete way. Smart young lady!


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Oh, I bet there will be a few that will get 'hooked'. I love it when I meet young quilters. :)


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Fantastic idea! Glad you can be part of it. It will certainly inspire some of them to become quilters ........and/or mathematicians. It will be good for everyone involved.


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This is such a neat idea.

I'm a homeschooler and I know there is curriculum just for this reason. Pretty cool your son's girlfriend thought this up herself.


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I have some teachers in my family. I will show this to them. It teaches them a little bit of sewing skills that everyone needs to know, too.


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