Noble or Master? Noble Plaster or Diamond Brite?

playa7July 22, 2011

Ok. I am totally confused. Please straigten me out. We signed our paperwork several weeks ago and started looking at tile. Our builder offered Master Tile at that time and Diamond Brite for plaster choices. Today we went in to look again for some different tile selections to bring home and now they are offering Noble Tile instead of Master Tile. They said they could do either one for us, but they only have Noble Tile now on their wall for customers to choose. Is there a difference between tile companies as far as one better than the other, Master versus Noble?

Also very confused on the plaster. We are written up in our contract for Diamond Brite, but now since they are using Noble Tile, the plaster choice is colors from the Noble Designer Series. The color choices are Biscayne Bay, Bora Bora, Caspian Sea, Diamond Reef, Emerald Bay, Marina Cay, Mediterranean, Regatte Blue and Seneca Falls.

They said if we wanted Diamond Brite we could still do it, but the choices now for their customers is from the Noble Designer series. Is one better than the other as far as looks and durability? Please help me! I am so confused.

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