Island with cooktop: soapstone, marble, granite? Feedback please!

DeDe15March 20, 2013

I'm a newbie here and did a search but didn't see much about surfaces on an island with a cooktop, specifically the soapstone. We're doing a kitchen update and this site is such a wonderful resource!

I'm switching from the old electric coils to a flat black induction cooktop, located on the kitchen island. To replace original corian/formica countertops, we're considering the dark grey soapstone, a medium/dark grey marble ("bardiglio nuvolato") and two granites -- "chandelier", a light cream/grey/tiniest hint of green, and it's polar opposite, "infinity", very dark, green/black/browns. I've been reading my eyeballs out and know that if I get the "harder" versions of soapstone, that I should be OK, but does anyone have experience with these surfaces on an island with a cooktop there? Likely I'd hone any of the granites/marble, but the marble is a darker one, not primarily light. I'm also open to marble on the island/cooktop and soapstone surrounding or vice/versa. Does the likes of tomato sauce, tea, grease, moisture, etc. send big red flags up to anyone or am I OK if any of these materials are sealed?

Additionally, the island is the usual place to plop things coming out of the oven, (i.e., the pizza stone used to go onto the electric coils but obvioulsy that's changing with the new induction surface!) We're generally careful with the countertops -- nearly always use a cutting board, don't normally put hot things directly onto the counters and the formica still looks great because of it, so I don't expect to totally beat up the new stuff.

Many thanks for any feedback!

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I have a harder soapstone with a flat black induction cooktop. I'm brutal on a kitchen and after 2 years can say that my soapstone has held up beautifully. No stains ever, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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Thanks for the input... decision time coming very soon, maybe this weekend! Like lots of people here, I need all the help I can get! :)

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