Leaking Pool Skimmer 'flushing' water away

CameronspoolJuly 3, 2011

I am a new in-ground pool owner and have a sudden problem - the pool is losing water, about 2 inches so far in 24 hours. One skimmer works well but I noticed a few days ago the other skimmer had no suction. I was going to wait for the holiday to be over before getting someone over here to see if it was just clogged. Now I have noticed a drop in the level, I went out to check the skimmer. The skimmer looks like it's being flushed, i.e. all the water that comes into the skimmer basket is going down through the hole like it's being flushed away. The other skimmer works just fine. I suspect - I HOPE - the leak will stop once the water drops below the skimmer line, but now I'm just worried. When I turn the pump off, the flushing stops. Now what? What could be causing this ? A leak in that particular skimmer line? I am a novice so I'm hoping someone can help me out. I don't want to turn the pump off because I just had it drained and cleaned because the previous owners didn't clean it well before it was closed so it was difficult to open. Thank you for your help - anyone!

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Sounds more like the weir is stuck on the skimmer with poor flow. Check that first. Then you can check for leaks.
2" per day shouldn't be too hard to find. Check for wet spots aroumd the pool deck and equipment. Check grout in the tile and the skimmer throats. Check around the return lines for cracks. Check around the light and inside the niche where the light cord comes in.

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