Bubblers and deck jets:

shoppingforapoolJuly 11, 2013

How many bubblers would u put on a 10 ft by 18 inch step? It's an entry step. (The 2nd step is a 5'6"x10' sun shelf just to give you a better picture.) For that matter how many deck jets on a 22' length of pool? I know this is a personal preference thing...just looking for ideas/opinions please....

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Two or three bubblers- but it depends on the look you want. If you're going for Bellagio Las Vegas style water works, go for more. :-)

Zero deck jets. Love my bubblers, the deck jets were a waste of money. Too loud and annoying. We have 4 deck jets on the back wall of our 44 foot long pool.

Question: Why the bubblers on the first step? If I'm envisioning correctly, the step runs the length of your sun shelf. If you're sitting on your sun shelf with the bubblers behind you, it's going to be loud. Not roaring, but just enough to have to raise your voices when speaking. And the jets on your feet as you're sitting on the shelf feels so nice. We have 2, on our 6x10 shelf.. It's pretty and sounds nice but after a while I shut them off because they're difficult to talk over. And we've got them on low. I think if you're going to use more then 2, and they're directly behind your seating area you'll not use them often.

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Love your post!! It's exactly what I had in mind! Unfortunately, I felt I had to make a decision (bf i saw it) and my plans were sealed earlier today! To make any changes will cost $550 bf anything so prob not going to bother....I ended up going with 2 deck jets (My kids will probably enjoy them for about 5 min but whatever!) and two bubblers. The reason I put the bubblers on the first step and not on the sun shelf is bc my pb said bubblers wouldn't work on the second step (sun shelf) bc too deep...is he mistaken? He's just a sales guy so it's totally possible that he's wrong...once again I mainly got them for the kids so not end of the world but I sorta liked your jets at your feet idea so if it would've been doable its a little sad...would love to hear back!!

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No, your pool builder is correct. Bubblers on the second step/sunshelf won't work - the bubbling action would just break the surface. Our shelf is the first step so the bubblers are only under 6 - 8" of water. You can always sit on your coping and put your feet over a bubbler - it feels so good.

We had little kids in the pool yesterday and they love the deck jets so I think you done good by putting in two. I wish we could shut 2 of our 4 off so they wouldn't be so loud. I don't think our pump is built like that, tho. Hmmm. I'll have to call my pool builder. That's really my only prob with the jets. I have to say, having them on when somebody first comes into the yard makes a statement! Enjoy your build! When do you start?

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