Why is there a row of man made rocks by my pool?

angryfraggleJuly 17, 2011

Hello all!!!!!!!! I am buying a house with a pool. The previous owners put the strangest mini man made rock formation by the jacuzzi. It honestly doesn't look close enough to the jacuzzi to be a waterall into the jacuzzi and it's located at the base of a fence in a row. Black tarp is under the structure and there is one greyish tube obviously sticking straight up from one of the rocks. Is this for lighting? or a Waterfall? What would this be for? I have no idea and would love to know. I wish I could post pics to show you but I have no idea how. I am new to this site. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!

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Have you seen the Blair Witch Project?

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Snort. LOL.

Oh, j royall....a sense of humor is a beautiful thing during the pool building process.

Fraggle...it sounds like they started a water feature and did not complete. Is there some type of basin underneath?

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