Have any of you attached a handle to your ruler?

marti8aMarch 17, 2011

I was blog hopping the other day and saw a ruler with a handle somewhat like this attached to it. I was going to ask and then I clicked on a few links and couldn't find it again.

I was wondering if it was easier to keep the ruler from moving with one of these. I think I tend to push against the ruler with my cutter and move it.


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Marti, the ones marketed to quilters are called Gypsy Grippers. I haven't used one, but at my guild's fun night last month somebody was using one and people were commenting that they couldn't see the ruler markings.


Here is a link that might be useful: Gypsy Gripper

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I have the purple handle. I bought it to keep my fingers away from the rotary cutter blade. I don't use it all the time because, as Donna said, you can't see the markings. I do use it to cut wide strips for borders, etc..
Linda OH

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I was at my friend's house today and she was praising her new handle. I have carpal tunnel and basal joint arthritis so holding anything with my wrist turned sideways aggrevates it. I use a Martelli ergonomic rotary cutter which keeps my hand horizontal and this helps.

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I did not think they were comfortable, and seeing what I was doing was a definate problem.

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I have a sm. gypsy gripper but don't use it often, tired it but didn't see much advantage. It was given to me. Jayne

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I have one and it kept coming off it's suction cups so I gave up. It's a good idea but doesn't work for me.

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I have one, and I do use it, but mostly for cutting width of fabric strips on my 6x24 or 8.5x24" rulers. I can see enough of the markings to line things up.

The benefit for me is that I was just pushing too hard on the rulers, no matter what type of cut I was making. I ended up with a "quilter's elbow" type of repetitive injury. It does help in that my hand is in a different position for a lot of my rotary cutting.

I wouldn't ever use it for small cutting jobs. It really is too big for anything other than strip cutting.

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Thanks everyone. I hadn't thought about it blocking the lines and numbers. I've gotten into a habit lately of holding my little finger off the edge of the long ruler to keep me from pushing the ruler off the line.

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Gosh, I've got a big gypsy gripper and I love it for any time I cut long strips with my 24" ruler. I can still see what I need to for that, and it helps me apply pressure over a wider area so my ruler doesn't slip. Mine is the lavender kind, and it's got suction to spare. My son, yeah, the 16 year old one, gets it and sticks it to the door jam to swing around on. We've actually had some heated words (very rare for us.)

"Stop that!"
"Well, are you trying to break it???"
"So stop it."
"I'm just trying to see how strong it is."
"And how are you going to see that?"
"I don't know."
"You're going to break it, that's how."
"Uh uh."
"Yes, you are. It'll break, and you'll say 'Oops, it wasn't that strong.'"

"What are you? THREE?"
*much breathless laughter--from one of us*


"OWWW, that hurt! What, are you really mad?"

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Patsy, I don't have one but might get one just for the entertainment factor!!! My 25 year old son would do the EXACT same thing! TOO FUNNY

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Patsy, so would my 24 year old. OMG, I'm ROTFLOL at the image!

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You mean....he's not gonna outgrow it?

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Ummmmm - you described my soon to be 30 year old........was he visiting you???? Outgrow it you ask.....the damage only gets bigger as he grows.
Aren't sons great? I still love mine :)

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I don't post much here anymore. Not sure if this is relevant to your topic or not. I think a non clear handle would be annoying from what I've read above, but I have a safety guard on my long ruler. It's like an L shaped piece of acrylic stuck to the top of my ruler. I use it to pick up the ruler with, but it is supposed to protect your fingers/hand if you slip. I'll tell you what though.....don't leave it sitting on the floor. It HURTS when you step on it.

Similar to this item:

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I got an Olfa gripper but took it back as it would not hold suction.
Bought both the large & small Gypsy grippers. I haven't used the small one much yet, but I really like the large one for cutting across the wide fabric. My long ruler is 8 1/2 inches wide so the blocking of view really isn't a problem.

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