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meldy_nvaMarch 15, 2013

A while back someone mentioned working on a "Calypso" pattern. I didn't recognize that name so I looked it up and found 3 different designs. Okay, that happens, it's just the reverse of having several names for one design. But now I keep thinking about pattern names.

The quilt I'm presently working on uses a variation of the 4-patch+square in combo with a sashed block. I learned it about 60 years ago from the woman who taught me to quilt; who called it "Square Dancers". I've continued to call it that even though I rarely use the gingham checks she was so fond of. Searching by name finds many designs called Square Dance but none are even remotely like her pattern. i've gone through all the books available in our library system (I stopped counting after 500) and still no luck.

Any other ideas on how to find the name for specific pattern?

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Your description sounds like a double four patch with sashing. Is this it?

Here is a link that might be useful: double four patch

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I think I am the one who mentioned the name Calypso and I, too, was amazed when I Googled that name and came up with several patterns and again none that resembled the one I was thinking of. It seems to me that designers of fabric lines use traditional patterns but give their own names to their creations . Even in quilt magazines, the quilts use patterns, which for the most part are traditional, but they have been given different names, so it is quite hard to know what its original name might have been.
Good luck with your search, And FYI, the Calypso I was referring to was a pattern by Ro Gregg, using her line of fabrics.

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Wow, that's close! Thank you. I went through a lot of 4P patterns but didn't come up with that one.

Granny T's Square Dancers pattern: Take the double four patch block (unsashed) and alternate with a sashed square that has patches at each corner. Layout alternates the sashed square with the double 4-patch, giving a diagonal design to the finished top. This is a great pattern for scrappy quilts since there are actually only three pieces in the pattern and the size is very easy to change. Granny T mostly used 2" squares, 4" squares and 2x4 rectangles. For DD, I'm using 1 1/2" squares (4-P and sash corners); 1 1/2 x 3" rectangles (sash); and 3" squares, all in azure, blue and white fabrics. To make it easier to balance the colors, I do suggest using different fabrics for each size piece: that is, don't turn extra rectangles or large squares into 4P.

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