How to find out a home's square footage, etc.?

melrosgirlFebruary 1, 2007

There is a home near me that is 2 years old. It recently sold (last summer) and I'm curious to know the square footage, etc. It's not showing on yet as zillow isn't showing anything less than 2 years old on their site around here.

Any idea how I can get the info? Our county records would show it, but I need to know the owner's name (just the address doesn't work in their system). thanks. :)

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You can go to your Town Hall & they have all the info.

Most info online is accessible if you just type in the STreet name. That gives you ALL the people who live on that street. From there, you can click the given property.

I hope yours is set up that way. If they only give you the NAME option, that doesn't help much. Good luck.

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I don't know if this would help:
If you know who their realtor was, amybe you can call them, and give them that address,and they should have all the info.

I'm sorry if I can't be more helpful.

good luck~

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Or you could go to your local library and find the most current city directory. You can look up the house by address and get the name of the HO, and then go to the county records from there.

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In our area square footage on the county websites is not always accurate. That's one reason why realtors when they list a home in our area will make a disclaimer as to where the square footage was taken from. The county assessor has the square footage on my home as being 400 square feet smaller than it is. This is where Zillow gets their information on my home so Zillow also has my home as 400 square feet smaller. When we purchased the home, the listing was stated as "2900+ square feet per owners appraisal". The appraisal we got for out loan confirmed that number at 2918 whereas the county has it at 2500 sq ft.

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I agree...if it was sold via agent, call and ask them what the square footage was and how it was calculated.

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Have you thought about just going over there and asking the owner? If you are curious for reasons such as, "I really like your house and want to find something similar" then they may just tell you. Square footage isn't some big secret usually.

I don't know how you would remember who their agent was, but if you have any RE connections (friend/relative who is an agent, appraiser etc) they could probably find out the sq ft for you.

Or try . It's not working in all markets but it's a pretty good source, better than zillow I think.

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