Jandy DEL60 Pressure Guage

remarsJuly 26, 2010

How do I dis-assemble the guage? It is broke (stuck on 20 PSI), and I want to replace the inner guage, part # R0569600 from part # R0357200.

I got the outer ring off, but can't seem to figure hot to remove the actual guage, which costs around $10 versus $50 for the entire guage.

Thanks. This is my first post. So greatful to have discovered this site.

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It unscrews. Grab the outer edge and twist counter clockwise as looking as it from the front. Yep, darned PITA to do.


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How do you get the outer ring off and where can you get the guage for $10.00??


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May I second CaptErnie's request -- I'd also like to learn how to get the outer ring on this thing off. I have a brand new filter, and the gauge is stuck at zero...

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minivan, call Jandy and they will send you a new one or help you figure out why it's reading no pressure.


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