Sealing inside & outside weir wall of an infinity edge spa?

newhoustonpoolJuly 8, 2011

I am looking for recommendations on material to use to seal both the inside weir wall (spa side/positive pressure side I think ) and the outside of the wall (negative pressure side). I want to ensure my builder is doing everything he can to prevent all the known issues with weir walls and infinity edges. Specific recommendations on products and techniques would be greatly appreciated. I am located in Houston, TX and the top and outside edges of the spa will be covered in glass tiles.

My spa sits on top of my sun shelf which will have about 8 inches deep of water all the way around in the 10 inch wide trough.

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How long is the outside edge?

How many gallons for the basin? It doesn't look that wide except on one side.. I would expect it to be no less than 11" deep, especially with a lot of people in the spa.

When heating the spa, does the basin get to go along for the ride too?

Does the basin have to spare capacity to capture the spa until they equalize in height, should the check valve on the weir pump's discharge develop a leak or would you lose some spa water to overflow?


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I didn't realize until I saw the other thread, the basin is a pool.


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