Upstairs of 60's Tudor home - how to stage for sale?

thomasjokerFebruary 13, 2013

I estimate the value of the house at ~1.1M in a nice neighbourhood. My main goal is to maximize profit.

My thoughts are should I:

replace the windows (they are gross but I think expensive to do so since they look custom sized)- the square ones are mainly on washroom size, the first window photo is bedroom sized (much cleaner)

replace the plastic doors on bathtub and shower

change the tiles on walls in bathroom (not sure about this) or keep them?

one of the washroom has 2 cracked tiles, I don't know where to find replacements...should I change the whole floor altogether?

Closet doors: how should I update them?

Skylight: should I remove spot lights and change to pot lights?

Most of upper floor is thinner hardwood (was all covered in carpet before so in great condition): should i just keep it?
I'll post photos of the main floor and basement in a separate post.

I posted a link to my photos for upstairs.

Thanks everyone for your input!

Here is a link that might be useful: UPSTAIRS

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Do the windows function? From the photos, they appear to be quite dirty. Instead of investing in new windows, provided they function, spend some time cleaning them. I would suggest starting with some soapy water for a first round cleaning. After that clean them with a vinegar and water mixture. The screens also need to be cleaned. If you can't get to the outside, hire some one to do it. It will be cheaper than new windows.

If the black areas are actually mold and not dirt, you may need to replace the windows if water is infiltrating them.

I really think you need to do a bit of homework here. Find out the exact costs of the things you think might need to be done. Weigh those costs against selling the home "as is." It's not likely new windows will get you more money in a sale. It is likely that they will help sell the place. There are many things you can do to a house that will help it sell but won't get you more money. Windows and roofs fall into that category.

It might be time to call in a real estate agent to discuss your specific situation as it seems a bit complicated. Do people buy fixer uppers in your location in that price range? Would the money you spend increase the value or simply result in a faster sale? Those are the questions you need to be asking some one that knows your market.

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You really need to involve a realtor to do a CMA. Unless most of the value is in the actual land, and this is in an expensive area of the country, this home isn't likely to be worth as much as you think it is. It doesn't have the high quality leaded glass windows and ceiling beams that one would associate with "Tudor". It appears to be more of an entry level home with builder grade amenities that would be a teardown if the above scenario of high land value would be appropriate. There is no staging that will take it to an upscale million dollar home. Your best bet is to not do anything and price it for someone looking for a teardown. Or have that realtor do the CMA for you. You need to know where you realistically stand as to the value of the home.

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