HELP with pool deck dilemma!

Nick_RJuly 30, 2011


I currently have a pretty big project going on in my backyard which includes a 38x18 gunite pool, 24x16 cabana/outdoor kitchen and 10x12 pergola. The pool is in and we are in the middle of building the cabana right now. When we poured the cement decking around the pool, we poured it 1/2" lower than the pool to allow for porcelain tile to be installed as decking on top the concrete. Well the time has come to get estimates on laying the tile and the first quote I get is 16k for labor!! This is for about 1200 sqft! I was expecting somewhere between 2.50 to 3.50/sqft! With that being said, im getting more quotes, but now im scared they will all come back way out of the ballpark! My gut is telling me now that I will end up going with spray deck b/c I cant afford to pay that much for installation of tile! My problem is the 1/2" lip around the coping tile if I go that route....Is it possible to do some kind of overlay to raise the current concrete level? or should I think about just doing a gradual slope from the tile? or just not worry about the lip and live with it?! Any help or advice would be appreciated... Thanks!

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Have you considered laying the tile yourself to save on the labor charges? Cheap wet saw at Lowe's for $80 and your in business..

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Well, I tiled my house and swore I would never do it again! lol...With the amount of cutting that needs to be done for this, I dont think I could handle it..

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Get a price on Pebble Rock and Resin finish.
example -
We used it for our pool deck and patio and we love it! There is no standing water, it just drains right down through the pebbles. We had the concrete poured first and then the pebble rock applied on top. You do have to reseal every few years but it is an easy job that my husband and I do ourselves. We have had ours for 7 years and it still looks like brand new.

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I would think something in the $3-4 range also. Maybe due to lots of cuts it is more?

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Not sure where you are located, but I just had tile laid in my house for $2 dollars a sq foot for labor in SE Texas. The labor cost seems way too high to me on your project unless there is something special needing to be done. I would get several more quotes.

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Get some more quotes 16k for labor on 1200 sq ft is way high.

Sounds like someone has more work than they can handle and is fishing for a sucker bite on a huge upcharge.

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I would look for a work crew somewhere and approach the guys about doing in on the weekend. You will not have any recourse for redo work if need be... You could save alot of money. I would also buy the materials myself....

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Are they having a crew of software engineers install it? Lawyers perhaps? Do they have to haul the tile a mile on their backs to get to your patio? Are the tiles microscopic and have to be set with a dental tool in a pattern that resembles the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Otherwise, $13per square is at least $10 too high (depending on the temperature and pattern). I hate it when contractors give stupid bids like this.

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We are hoping to install almost 2000sq/ft of limestone pavers in s. louisiana. The bids I am getting in are also around $13sq/ft for install only.That is on top of the concrete bed (approx. $5sq/ft) and the paver price.
Just finished interior remodel, and paid less than $5sq/ft for tile installation. Don't know what the huge differential in price is between interior installation and outside. We are continuing to get bids in hopes of finding something reasonable.

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