DIY Ikea kitchen in progress: help with lighting & curtains?

dee850March 16, 2013

We are mostly DIY'ing this kitchen renovation, and are now probably more than halfway through. I've been planning this for over 3 years, and I got so much helpful advice here from the times I posted requests for input plus reading others' threads about their own kitchens. We changed our plans considerably, mostly due to budget constraints (this is LOW budget), but I think we are still capturing the feel we always wanted.

So, I wanted to share a progress update and make another request for opinions, this time about lighting and window treatments.

Here's where we are now: walls painted, cabinets are in, counters in, appliances in - kitchen has been in normal use for a couple of months now. The cabinets are Ikea Ramsjo white (er, really a bit pinkish depending on lighting) and counters are Ikea butcherblock finished with Poly Osmo oil. We're very pleased with them so far. And we adore the Elkay sink with drainboards on both sides.

What we have yet to do: lots of trim (cabinet filler, end panels, windows), patch the floor in the one spot where the floorplan changed, and backsplash (already chosen & planned).

The view when entering from the dining room:

And this is the view from the eat-in area of the kitchen toward the working zones. This shows the wall that will be completely tiled, including over the doorway.

This wall will get this Broan range hood:

And the tile we've chosen, Mexican talavera:

What I would most like to get input on is lighting. I know, it's hard to believe we want to replace that classic nipple light :) We have that overhead in the center of the working part of the kitchen, a spot for a small light above the sink, and another centered above the peninsula. There is also a ceiling fan above the table and chairs (where I was standing when I took the photo showing the oven wall), and that is staying. We may replace with a better-looking fan, but we live in FL and really use the fans in my house. I was originally thinking of using schoolhouse style fixtures and lampshades, but now I'm not so sure. The mid-room ceiling light needs to be pretty close to flush, because we have just shorter than 8-ft ceilings here. We're not going to put in recessed lighting, not only because we don't love that look but also because we have already spent more than budgeted on electrical repair and upgrades. I'm at a total loss, and would love to hear suggestions!

The other thing I'm lost on is window treatments. Curtains, blinds, shades… we've now been living with no window coverings for months, and this is getting tiresome. I can make my own curtains if I find fabric that works. I was thinking red, to tie in with the small appliances and dishes we have out, as well as the tile. But I think I have decision fatigue - I look at the billions of options and nothing says "yes, I'm the one!"

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Well I love what you've done. What about something wrought iron for the ceiling light? Something simple and nearly flush.

Would cafe curtains work in your space? Maybe you don't want those but I think they could be cute with the tile.

You'll get lots of great ideas and I'm looking forward to see what others post.

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I love your kitchen! When looking from the table back to the range hood, I would prefer to not have anything hanging down in the way. I really like something like an extra large flush Lithonia fixture for the ceiling fixture for nice, defuse light--something that doesn't draw attention to itself. Then you could do a dome pendant over the sink that echos the semi-circles on the tile. Maybe something like the Progress Lighting P5061 Sentura Single Light ($47.46, 63% off!) With both lights, it seems like a smooth white glass is a good counterpart to the colorful, textured tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Over the sink pendant

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robo (z6a)

I'm shopping for fans first because it's so hard to find a good dining room one.

Craftmade Lauren - polished nickel

Kinda like this guy too...craftmade union, very industrial-ish

On the industrial theme....barn pendant?

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Someone on GW once posted about this site, Graveyard Mall, and they have great prices. Here are their current flush-mount selections; The ones toward the bottom of the page would look great in your kitchen, IMHO. (I also have Ramsjo white cabinets, and I am very happy with them.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Graveyard Mall

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Thanks to all of you for the feedback and suggestions!

Enduring, I do like cafe curtains, and in fact that's the style we had up pre-remodel. I had not thought of wrought iron before, but I can definitely see how that could work.

I generally lean toward simple styles, and like the idea of a plain white flat fixture for the center, if I can find something that would not look too commercial. I like that white dome pendant you posted, too, UpNorthHey. I am limited for the over-sink fixture by the distance of the light box from the wall, though. I think I can only go up to 8 or 9 inches in diameter.

Those are some cool ceiling fans, robotropolis! I go back and forth on whether I want something more attention-getting vs. fade-into-background, to the extent that any ceiling fan can fade into the background. One of the plainer options I've had my eye on is this Minka-Aire Concept II.

I love the industrial/barn style fixtures. I especially like the copper finish option on that Sea Gull pendant, though I'm not sure copper would be a good choice for the room. My only hesitation about this style is that I don't want to veer too far into a cottage/country look to the point that it looks goofy.

iroll, I'm glad to hear you are happy with your Ramsjo white cabinets! I mostly hear people complain about how pink they look in the displays, and I will admit that I normally prefer a whiter white, myself. However, I do love how the grain shows through. Thanks for posting about Graveyard Mall - I had not heard of them before.

A general question: should the fixtures over the sink and the peninsula match?

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I don't think the fixtures have to match, but blend.

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Thanks, enduring!

Anyone have opinions on finishes? Could a copper or darker weathered look work in this room? The drawer pulls and knobs are polished nickel, sink is stainless steel, faucet chrome - all silver. I don't know if that necessarily limits me here.

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Hi,dee850. May be late with this idea but have you considered a daylighting tube?
We really like the 10" in the den w dimmer on the light insert - bright, not cozy, but good general light even when day is overcast. The ceiling cover is flush, a little industrial - wish they had decorative choices. May figure out how to attach a stained glass shade in wooden frame.

I like it as a substitute for a wired-only fixture. 2 years ago installed Natural Light tubular skylight; took a while to stop trying to turn off the light when leaving the room! Just ordered 10" sun tunnel for bath and plan on 14" in kitchen, both with electric light insert for 24 hr use. Found couple websites that beat box stores prices quite a bit. Just a late thought.

Hope my kitchen turns out as nicely as yours.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dome Store or Natural Light Tubular Skylights

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Thanks for the suggestion! I love the idea of anything solar in general, and i have seen those types of tubes work really well in a friend's home. For my project, though, that sort of thing is beyond our scope. We have the lightboxes in place already and and are DIYing everything at this point, so no holes in the roof for us.

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