Deck jets and bubblers

jacktyJuly 9, 2011

Would someone be willing to educate me a little. I hear people say that they love their deck jets, which in photos look like the squirting fountains at Epcot (IMHO). Why do you love them? It seems like you would just get squirted by them all the time. Am I missing something? Do they serve a function or just for aesthetics?

I have a similar question about bubblers. I've seen them on some sunshelfs (in photos) and they look cool, but what is their purpose? Is it just something for the kids to play in? Do people keep the bubblers and deck jets running all the time? Thanks for answering some/all of my questions.

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jackty...we have 3 bubblers in our beach and 3 deck jets shooting from between boulders around the pool...picture below. We also have 2 aerators which are located in 2 of the boulders and shoot a fan shaped pattern of water.

In addition to being nice to look at we've found some funtional uses as well.

Below are some of them in no particular order

As they say, you're mileage may vary.


1. Nice foot massage when sitting in a chair with feet over 2 of the bubblers.
2. Kids love to play with them..plugging 1 or 2 of the 3 with their hands makes the others go higher and lower
3. plugging and unplugging them also makes the deck jets "dance" because their on the same circuit.
4. kids and adults play with them and let their legs and arms get massaged

Deck Jets

1. While in the pool, let the jet stream land on the head and shoulders...relaxing.
2. kids like to plug and unplug...same effect as above
3. During summer months, the deck jets can be ran at night time to cool the pool (important here in Louisiana)...the aereators also provide more cooling effect because of the larger surface area of the spray.
4. One recent use the kids found...they can use the deck jet nozzles to fill up water balloons.

Hope this helps.

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I have a bubbler on my sunshelf. I've noticed that that bubbler helps move the water (and sediment) off of the shelf and back into the flow of the pool - for the cleaner/skimmer to pick up.

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Thank you both for the explanations and the picture. That clears things up for me. I appreciate your help.

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We have the laminar deck jets. The kids, big and small, love them. At night, they are lit and are quite lovely to look at. From a functional standpoint, we are on a corner lot, and they help to mitigate any road noise. Hope this helps.

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It does, thank you nylsor107.

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