crazy idea???

andrelaplume2July 24, 2011

you all know those small pools whose sides rise as they fille with water. I had one years ago and it actually was not bad for the smaller kids. Well the have grown, we have moved and I do NOT want a real pool. They asked for another blowup (like the one from years ago)just to cool off in.

Here is my crazy idea. They have these 10' by 36" high models. We have a 3 season sunroom...12' by 20' see where I am heading. The sunroom is on concrete. Could I put this sucker in ther for a few months...just run the filter. I'd ;eave the screens open all around. The area is level...they would not have to go into the mess in the yard...I could easily empty it into the yard via a hose. Is there a downside. Could the concreate pad support the weight. Worst thing I can think of is if it rips and the sun room floods...the carpet (over the concrete) is in bad shape already...

Ok ...let me have it!

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A couple screened over drain holes through the sill at the bottom of the wall to let a small rupture's worth of water out quickly would be a good idea. There will be splash out. Lose the carpet. It'll get mildewed and or moldy. Treat is almost like an indoor pool in that it won't get direct sun. No sun means colder water and lower chlorine demand since there would be very little UV, which causes chlorine to gas off. Filtering times could likely be reduced, A small garden hose pump and a shop vac to empty it.


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so no one thinks this is a BAD IDEA?

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I think it is a great idea. We have the 10' diameter 30" deep pool made by Intex. $49.99 at Academy Sports, and has a 110v (standard outlet) filter. It is the perfect depth to sit in, the water is mid-chest deep and you can lean your head back on the inflated ring. Another bonus is that you can put one of those cheap "adirondack" style chairs that you can buy at HD or Lowes for $15, and the arm height sits about 2" out of the water, making the arm a perfect little table for a beverage of your choice.

IMO, 36" might be too deep to sit in, you either have to stand or lay on a raft.

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yea the pools are nice but how about in my 2 season sun seams there would be some downside????

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What "downside" are you looking for? It seems like you want somebody to convince you that this is a bad idea.

You could develop a massive leak, and depending on the entry into your home, you could sustain water damage.

You will have to take care of it, so you will spend time cleaning and treating your pool.

It will take up space in your sunroom, so if you like to sit out there and do yoga or host Twister parties or groom your dog, you might have to do those things somewhere else.

It will not warm up as much as a pool that sits out in the sun.

Lots of cons, but IMO, the pros heavily outweigh them, and none of the cons are major anyways. Your concrete pad should be fine unless there is something you arent telling us. Post pics of the area if you are concerned, otherwise, Id already be back from the store filling my little pool by now and gearing up for a drink before dinner.

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Ha! Thanks! if I do it I'll post pics...

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