Hayward air relief valve leaking

bbergerJuly 14, 2011

Anyone out there ever cracked open a manual air relief valve for a Hayward Pro grid DE? I don't see how it might come apart. Mine's leaking and I don't want to spend a hundred bucks for a new one. Thanks

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Leaking from where on the assembly?


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I'ts leaking from under the top lid. The manual bleed valve is located on the side on mine. Opposite side from the pressure gauge. The protective filter material that covers the "ping pong ball" inside is history. I tried to remove the cage that houses the ball but it won't budge. Pulled one of the two clips that appear to hold it in. It promptly snapped off. Even with that missing, the cage isn't moving. the "O" ring inside that the ball seals on appears to be OK. The leak is just a trickle, but it's kind of irritating. Thanks

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I think this is what you are referring to but the description you offered seems off:

Did you perhaps mean this one?


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I think mine is a little older. The second pic is what I termed the manual bleed valve (cock valve). It's located on the side (not the top). My top is a plain cap. The leak is from under that cap. Thanks again.

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Please post a pic. What you are describing doesn't match what I would expect.

Is your tank brown or tan?


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Did you ever receive a final answer about the leaking Air Relief Valve? I have the same style that you described and mine is also leaking.

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