Martha Stewart Club Sofa

pinkpaulaApril 21, 2012

In searching for a neutral sofa, I ran across the Club sofa in the Martha Stewart line on I could only find one short customer review, which was very positive.

Do any of you have this sofa? I would appreciate any comments regarding durability, comfort, or general satisfaction with this sofa (or with Martha Stewart upholstered furniture in general).

The style and price are right, and I am tempted.

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I like that sofa. When I was looking for one earlier, they couldn't send me any samples of the fabric and my local store didn't have it. It would have been buying it totally based on the website. I wasn't comfortable with that. Maybe times have changed.

What I have noticed about Macy's furniture reviews is this...they all are good. Mysteriously. I've never seen a bad one. This leads me to believe they are edited. Just my opinion.

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Well this caught my eye in my quest for new family room furniture. It is what I call "normal" looking and I like it. There only seem to be very few to actually see in person and I think I am going to try to get to one of the locations where they claim to have it. I can't comment on durability or any of that. I am guessing its pretty decent but my new outlook is that there is hardly any furniture any more that I can expect to really is nice though...

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I would never buy a sofa without sitting on it first. They all sit differently. I have seen some beautiful looking sofas that are terrible when you sit on them. Try and find it to try it out yourself.

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beachlily z9a

When I visited a Macy's last year to look at furniture, I asked about American made and they admitted their furniture was all imported (most from China). I went elsewhere.

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IMHO anything with the Martha Stewart's name on it is overpriced and can probably be found elsewhere for less.

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