QOTD - 3/15 - Color Phobia or Avoidance

sandlapper_roseMarch 15, 2011

I am going to jump in with a QOTD. Is there a color that you will not use when making a quilt or that you intensely dislike? I tend to use all colors depending on the colors and style of the quilt, but I think some people go to great pains not to use a certain color or two. Wondering what color(s) that might be...

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Reds (unless very dull) and/or fuschia or any hot pink. Much too bright for me. Any time I see them, it's all my eyes can focus on.

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I tend to avoid baby pink and pastels unless making a baby quilt. I get bolder with color the longer I quilt. Maybe it's an old-age thing. Next thing you know I'll be wearing a red hat and a purple dress!

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In the past I avoided black, brown, and orange, but not anymore! Guess you say I have given up control over color selection. As the song goes: "all God's colors got a place in the choir, some sing low, some sing higher, some sing out loud on the telephone wire and some just clap their hands..."


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Don't care for baby pastels, and not fond of yellow-green unless it's just a little bit and then only if it's a print with other colors to break it up. Same thing with peach.

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I've not heard that song, Teresa! That's a corker!! lol

I don't use black as much anymore only because I can't see where I'm sewing on it. I'll use all colors but steer clear of stripes and plaids. I think it's that control thing....it bothers me when the lines don't go the same way or the stripes aren't even.


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Sharon, I am the same with stripes or plaids. I have a friend that always gives me a hard time about not using plaids.(She's teasing.) It drives me crazy when the lines are not straight!
There aren't any colors that I won't use, just some I like more than others.
Linda OH

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I think it is patterns more then color that I avoid but I am not very fond of pure colors but everything has it's place, even Kaffe Fassett whose fabric usually sends a chill up my back. Jayne

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Well, I've always thought I hated orange, but several quilts lately have had orange in them, and I like them a lot! So I guess that means my new least favorite color is brown. It's depressing to me (unless it's in a tree or something).


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I'm not crazy about pastels and still rarely use them. For a long time I never used white. Muslins and beige on beige were OK, but never white. But a few birthday blocks and lottos called for WOW - I had to ask what that was in the beginning! - and now I love it.

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Jayne, I agree with you r.e. Fassett.. I feel like I need to put on my sunglasses. They make me so jumpy when I look at those fabrics and pattern books. And I hadn't thought about it, but yes, the only pure colors I like
are yellow if light and not glaring, and blues if darker than a true blue.

And along with Sharon, I generally avoid black, partially because of not being able to see well to sew on it, and also because we have 3 furball Cavaliers and their hair shows up on black even if just a single fiber!

But as with Kate, I used to not care for whites, using only naturals, but use a lot of white now.

I wonder if we could identify color preference trends over an aging timeline? The older I get, the "muddier" I like my colors, other than learning to like white! And MUCH to my surprise, I like natural and white together, especially in painting rooms.. In my 20's I'd have nearly gone into apoplexy over that combination.

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Yea! That leaves more Fassett for those of us who can't get enought! LOL

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Whew! I thought it was just my old eyes that had trouble sewing on black....it must be a "problem" with all black fabric since so many of us have that issue....LOL
I find that I just don't have any plaids and maybe only one or two stripes in my stash. Plaid is too "scrappy" for me. I am one of those who don't care for "scrappy" and but am working on it. Other than that, all colors work for me..purples and reds being my favorites, and I don't even belong to that hat society!

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I'm with the pattern avoidance group. Mostly because I have a hard time putting them together. I really envy someone that can do that. For the longest time I had a hard time putting my dh's tie, shirt and suits together. Since he's asked my opinion more lately (he's red/green color blind), I've become more comfortable with matching patterns. I like color, just not too much all at once.

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I like most colors.
Like many others, I find black difficult to work with but love to use it for backgrounds.

When I was organizing my scraps, I found that, in my regular use colors, I had a LOT of blues and greens but very few yellows, purples, oranges and reds.

I had some browns, deeper reds and purples and other fabrics that I think of as masculine or forest colors but not a lot of those.
I had some pastels and stripes and dots and juvenile prints in the baby/kids fabric drawer but not a lot.

I also had a lot of off-whites and neutrals.

Surprisingly, I had very little white although I had a lots of it last year. I guess I've used it.

I do like yellow sprinkled through scrap quilts.
I do want to try a quilt with lots of oranges. When the 'Pretty in Pink' and 'Black and White and _____ 'challenges were on, I kept thinking that 'Orange You Sweet'(LOL) would be a good challenge.
My favorite color is bright red but I don't have much bright red fabric....go figure.

It's nice to read about what each of you like/dislike to see how it matches my choices.

It's also nice to see how our color, design and pattern preferences change. I started out doing a few pastel baby quilts but then did mostly bright baby quilts. For big quilts I started with liking 3 or 4 matching colors but soon after that I liked scrap quilts with a constant color or total scrappy. They are now my favorite quilts to make.

I made one quilt that would be considered monochromatic and loved it so who knows what is next.


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I like almost every color, except I am not overly fond of purple, but I sew with it. There is a place for all colors especially used to accent another color.

But.....Dusty rose and Williamsburg Blue make me gag.

I like happy, bright, high contrast colors in my sewing.

I love black, but have gone black - blind recently as I am using it often. I read to use navy thread when sewing black to help you see it. I haven't tried it yet.

I need a bigger stash so I can be more color picky :)

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I tend to avoid black because it's hard on these old eyes...also because I think it's hard to decorate around.

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I like most colors too but as I look at my stash I see that purple and gray are the two colors I have very little of. However brown is not my favorite. I usually choose colors based on the person the quilt is being made for. Being in the Birthday Block I get to use colors I usually don't choice for myself.

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I love all colors, but they need to be pure tones - bright and vivid. I set them with mostly white or black. I love contrast.

Like Magothyrivergirl, dusty rose and that hideous blue will never make it into a quilt for me. I upholstered too many chairs in those colors to ever enjoy them again! But my Mom, however, got three - a bed quilt, and two lap quilts incorporating these colors. ONLY for her would I use those colors, and they are only accents.

I also made a depression block quilt in blues and tans, so not my colors, but perfect for my author/doctor friend. It looks just like his library of leather bound books.

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I just finished a project using civil war reproduction fabrics where the warm colors have a brown undertone and the cool colors have a gray undertone. As I had to supplement from my stash I found that I do not have fabrics like these because I avoid them!

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