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hotinsacJuly 8, 2011

We purchased a home with exisiting pool and it has a "Pool Frog" mineral and chlorine device. I asked the previous owners pool cleaner about it and he said it was expensive to run and recommended we just remove it. I did a google search and it looks like we'd need to purchase replacement mineral "pac's" and chlorine "pac's"....and it looks like we would replace the clorine pac every 1-2 wks. At $18 per pac it's very expensive, compared to $3-4 for a gallon of 10% chlorine. I didn't see a topic here and am wondering if a PB can advise? I'm taking over maintaining the pool.

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I am not a PB but am a service tech by trade. I am not a Frog fan. As mentioned, the chlorine packs are expensive, convenient though.

Its the mineral packs I could live without. They inject metal ions, claiming you can run a lower chlorine level.


The kill times for these ions against the biologicals and the fact that they do nothing for oxidation purposes means they can only augment chlorine but since chlorine is so much faster, all you really wind up doing is adding potential stain makers.

With liquid, daily dosing is a must. You might think of getting a liquid feed system like a Liquidor or a tanks with a Stenner pump to automatically dose for a number of days before refilling with liquid.

10% by me retails for $5, btw.


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