Wonky Pinwheels Aaaghh!

nannykinsMarch 25, 2011

While staying with my daughter, I decided to try this pattern. I had brought some fq's with me. I got busy cutting, going along smoothly and then discovered that the blocks have to be cut, all facing up. So I now have 26 pinwheels going in one direction and 26 in the opposite. Have to dream up a setting where I can use both. They may go into the "later" pile.

Thanks to you for thinking (and praying) for daughter. We still do not have a diagnosis but tests are continuing and she is feeling a bit less stressed.

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Aw, Nanny! Oops! I recently made a Patches & Pinwheels quilt (pattern at www.quiltville.com) that uses pinwheels that go opposite directions. Or maybe you could use one set for the current project and save the others for something else.


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Nanykins, The quilt will work how ever you do it, but wanted offer prayers for your daughter. Sending good thoughts and prayers her way.

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I cut some that way, too, but not very many as I like to make a few practice blocks before cutting a lot of fabric. I recently saw a Wonky Pinwheel quilt that had groupings of the pinwheels instead of an all over pattern. Really different.


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can you use the ones going one way in the center, add a narrow border and then use the other ones as an outer border?

I don't know the situation with your daughter, but I know for a fact that feeling less stressed will help. I hope things go well for you both.


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Faye, that is what I was thinking of doing. I have to lay it out and see how it looks.
Daughter's illness probably started out as a virus and has grown into other physical problems. And stress does not help.

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Thanks for posting this. I'm making these, too, and made the same mistake with my test block, so I only have one going the other way. It'll be a pillow or maybe the start of another quilt. These are fun to make. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon. Stress certainly adds to any illness.

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We did a Christmas block swap, here on this forum, a couple of years ago and I sent in 2 batches of blocks, one of which went the wrong way. So everyone in that group has one wonky block in their quilt, thanks to me. I made those blocks at our very first Camp Cheerio retreat and I didn't even notice until people started posting pictures of their quilts.

I've just finished making 2 baby quilts with a method that actually produces sets of mirror pinwheels, so I put one set in each quilt. They are for twins so I added their initial. I'm going to try and post a picture of them in another thread.

I really like pinwheels no matter which way they spin. :)


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Just saw the pictures of the quilts. Good job!
I like making baby quilts. You can experiment with a pattern without investing a lot of time, money and effort.
And I hope 2011 is better for you too.

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