pool tile yes or no

cactusfreakJuly 16, 2012

We are having our pool replastered. We have frost proof tile left from the first time. Unused still in box. But the guy does not want to use it.

He says we need to let him buy new tile. We must remove the old tile and clean it up. He will lay new tile and charge $1600. for a 16x32 oval.

Or he says we can just not put any tile back and leave it plain. I know it keeps the water line clean and looks good. But is it necessary for another reason?

Can we just leave it off?

He has it listed as optional on the estimate.

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I would use tile.
Why doesn't he want to use your tile if there is enough?
There is no way to reuse any of the existing tile if you are thinking of removing and reusing.
Besides being a hugh cleaning nighmare, there are few plaster products designed to extend out of water.

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Easy: Find a new guy.

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golfgeek nailed it.

In most cases where I am, the old tile is chipped off when the plaster is chipped off for the same price.

New tile is then installed...and the numbers I run would easily be under $1,000 for new standard grade pool tile in the size you mention.

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Tile, to my way of thinking, is not optional. The protection of the waterline, a highly visible part of a pool, is a must.

The vast majority of plaster finishes don't like being exposed to air and aren't made for that. The dirt that accumulates is unsightly.

Unused tile from years ago is unlikely to be of sufficient quantity and if the pattern were still available today, will not match exactly because it came from a different lot. No two lots are identical. The hue and intensity will be different and you will wind up with more than one shade.


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