What hardware goes on a 9" pantry pull out??

tricia257March 12, 2013

I have a skinny 9" pull out and i"m not sure what kind of hardware to put on it. It doesn't seem to pull out easily just pulling from the top. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm just not sure what will work best.

Thanks for the help

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On my 7" pull-out, I put a handle on one side, so that it looks like it is a hinged cabinet that will swing open to one side. However, it is really a pull-out, and it works just fine with the off-center handle.

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I was wondering the same thing! I have a 12 inch pull out coming.

How are appliance pulls different than cabinet pulls? I know they are bigger, but the prices are so much higher! Are they stronger? Would I need an appliance pull for a 12 inch pullout pantry to handle the weight?

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Well, on my two very heavy 12" Haefele pantry pull-outs, I put the same 4" pull that I put everywhere else. Again, I put them off-center, so it appears the door will swing, rather than come straight out. Works totally fine.

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I have a 9-inch pull-out pantry next to my fridge. I put a 4-inch cup pull right in the center and it works great.

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We put an 8 inch arch pull on ours - the rest of the kitchen has 5 inch pulls from the same company (Baldwin Brass)

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We added a rail to the center of our tall pantry and installed a pull there.

Williamsem, the pantry glides are on ball bearings or something so they roll right out with little effort.

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