Kitchen Reveal - Traditional Quiet White Kitchen

ArchitectMammaMarch 3, 2013

When the second oven blew out last summer on our 20 year old Viking, we knew the writing was on the wall to renovate the kitchen. Our home was built in 1919 and when the previous owners had renovated the kitchen in 1990, they “modernized” the kitchen, removing some of the original moldings that matched the rest of the house, adding black formica, checkerboard tile, and a professional, albeit oversized, range. We wanted to create a new kitchen with style choices appropriate to the simple detailing of our red brick Georgian home, restore the moldings, and create more storage space. The first thing we did was to remove the soffit that ran around the perimeter of the kitchen. Sure enough, it was hiding piping that offset just below our finished ceiling. We were able to abandon a redundant radiator on the floor above and re-route the piping into the ceiling. This gave us not only more storage but also the feeling of a much higher ceiling than 8’-3.” We were able to keep the flooring intact and re-use the existing dishwasher. In addition to my role as designer, I also was the GC. Although I am pretty quiet here on the forum, I learned quite a bit from all of you and just knowing we were all going through the same thing together helped quiet my nerves when I thought I couldn’t take another day of this. Thank you!!!

Cabinets: Custom inset shaker style by Dutchwood Cabinetmakers painted Sail White
Hardware: Westerly pulls by Amerock in Satin Nickel, Hafele butt hinges in Satin Nickel
Paint: Walls: Benjamin Moore_Coastal Fog // Trim: Benjamin Moore _Linen White
Tile: Dal-Tile Rittenhouse 3x6 in Biscuit
Countertops: Madreperla Quartzite
Range: 36” Wolf, all gas
Hood: Vent-a-hood
Refrigerator: 36” SubZero French Door
Dishwasher: Re-used KitchenAid
Sink: Franke KBX11028 with sink grid
Faucet: Rohl/Perrin & Rowe Traditional Bridge Faucet
Filter Faucet: Kohler Traditional Wellspring Beverage Faucet
Filter: Multi-Pure
Recessed lights: Halo 4” incandescent
Pendant lights: Restoration Hardware, 8” Benson pendant in Satin Nickel
Undercabinet lighting: Kichler Xenon



More photos are on photobucket, if they ask for a guest password, it is Gardenweb.

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Beautiful. My all-time favourite kitchens - quiet,white. And I really like the windows.

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It turned out great!

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Oh beautiful kitchen!!
I love that color scheme and was just looking at beautiful slabs of quartzite this weekend. Wishing I had a design so I could snap them up, but I'm far from that point.

I too want white cabs and was wondering what shades would work with madre perla. This was the first time I've seen it in my area and didn't have any cab doors to hold up to it. Hard to tell from the pictures, but is sail white a creamy or off white? I also love subway tile; was it difficult to find a shade that coordinated?

Your floors are beautiful. What type of wood and what color is the stain?
What color is your door and window trim?
I also love you table and chairs. Can you share a source? I haven't seen the stone top before.

Thanks for sharing; love it!

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What a lovely transition, ArchitectMamma. I love the inset cabinets and colors with your MadrePerla, sink and faucets.You did a wonderful job.

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The table is the classic tulip table by Eero Saarinen with arrabescato marble top and Globus chairs in white, all from DWR.

Sail white is very close to the linen white we have throughout our house, which is why we selected it. All the trim in the room is linen white by BM, including the door and windows. We went cheap with tile but there are so many shades of white out there at many price points, so never fear!

The floors are oak, I think and we did not refinish them, so I have no idea what stain was used....sorry not to be more help.

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It's a wonderful space. Thanks for the additional info.

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It's lovely!
I miss our Madre Perla - it's such a stunning stone.


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Wow, this is really the day for gorgeous kitchen reveals! I just rushed through this and off to bed and am looking forward to reviewing it in more detail tomorrow. But just quickly I love the counters with the backsplash, the pendants over each window look fantastic, and your wall paint goes so well with the lovely new cabs. Such a calming and classy look overall. Great job, congrats!

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Very nice!
Love the pendants and the pantry!

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Just beautiful! And so well organized! Makes me want to go clean out my cabinets. :)

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Beautiful job. You must be thrilled every time you walk into your kit.

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Just lovely! Elegant and definitely more appropriate for a Georgian house. You got so much more storage out of the space. Great planning. Congratulations!

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I love it all. Beautiful!

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A truly lovely kitchen, so tranquil. Always happy to see another Madre Perla kitchen. I love you skinny spice and tea cabinet. I love the built ins around the fridge. I especially love how neat you mudroom is- isn't it every mother's fantasy all those shoes lined up?

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Love it!

The mudroom is also terrific. And I love the modern table/chairs. Beautifully done...

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So beautiful and serene! And well organized! Just perfect! Enjoy!

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Parts I really like:

*lack of soffits - such a difference!
*pantry at 90 degrees to the fridge
*clever shallow cabinets to disguise whatever that protrusion is to the left of the sink
*soft white vs pale goldenrod
*separate mud room (is that snow outside?)
*and I do love that floor!

And of course the counters and sink and ....

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Very nice!

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Beautiful kitchen! Love it all! Especially like the undersink trash pullout, but may I ask...where do you store your DW detergent, soaps and other kitchen cleaning supplies etc that would typically be stored under the sink? Is this size pullout heavy/difficult to use?

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khinmn92 - look at the trash pullout again. See the box with the green lid behind the trash cans? If I'm not mistaken, that is a box of those dishwasher detergent packets. I suspect there may be a couple more sink items back there.

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What a beautiful kitchen!

Your Coastal Fog wall color is timely, for me. It's my exterior trim color, and as I recently noticed, when demolition removed lots of surrounding distractions, the color on the inside-side of my front door. I was thinking of using for interior woodwork for a Downton Abbey-ish effect, but I like it equally well on your walls where it is modern.

I am curious about the real-life color of your floor. Would you describe it as walnut-toned or cherry-toned? In my house, I love BM Linen White next to my unstained red oak floors and pine doors, but I'm not sure it will work with the natural cherry floor that are going in my kitchen. Maybe I am over-comparing? And when the cherry and linen white are left to themselves, without oak butting in, they'll play beautifully?

The table is one of my current obsessions, so I am jealous. All you need to do is take out the ceiling fan and replace it with a Poulson PH5 light and I'd be beyond jealous. I was watching a House Hunters in Copenhagen, I think, where homeowner's took their light fixtures when they move. Duh. Of course they do. They have such fabulous light designers.

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The pull outs are from Rev-a-shelf. They are not specifically for under sink use but with some careful coordination, they fit under our sink with about 3/8" to spare after the lids are on. They are slightly stiffer to pull out than the rest of the blum glides on our drawers but it is in no way cumbersome. They have a soft close assist mechanism as well. The compartment behind our recycling holds the DW packets and Jet Dry and we keep garbage bags and the liquid dishsoap behind the other.
We have two toddlers so cleaning supplies have to be up high anyway. The tall cabinet in the mudroom is fairly close and houses the cleaning supplies. Heavy duty stuff is kept in the basement.

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what a really lovely and serene space! the madreperla is beautiful. I love the shoes and coat area too.

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Those cabs and stunning MOP quartzite set the stage for your gorgeous kitchen. The Saarinen tulip is my favorite table base. It looks right at home in your space. I saved your mudroom pics to help with designing my cabs. Congratulations on restoring the vintage charm!

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@onedogedie- We have coastal fog in a couple of rooms and it can really be a chameleon of a color in the best sort of way.

Our floors have very little red in them. Linen white is one of my favorite whites and I think it would be very happy next to cherry as well.

@ Breezy -Our love of the Saarinen table made it one of the first purchases in our home 2.5 years ago when we moved out of Manhattan. In fact, we considered doing an island but hated to get rid of that gorgeous table and an old fashioned eat in kitchen.

The ceiling fan is a leftover from the previous owners. Our next big project is central AC but until next year, we thought we would live with the 'blah' fan until we have ductwork and can swap it out for a fabulous pendant. Ah, there is always a compromise here and there, eh?

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Gorgeous! Are you in Northern NJ? The sign in your mudroom looks like the name of my town.

PS I love how your EIK table looks SO much better in the new kitchen!

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Wow your new kitchen is beautiful and so tranquil. Everything fits together is such harmony. You did a great job!

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Oh, that is terrific!

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I love how you returned the kitchen to a look that is similar to when the home was built. Everything is just perfect. I hope you are enjoying the new kitchen. Congratulations, you did a great job!

P.S. Love the table and chairs!!!!

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Such a beautiful space. I am so envious of how well organized everything is. What a well thought out design.

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@New_2_nj...why yes, northern nj...36 min direct train to Penn Station ;)

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Oh, the Saarinen table, wow! Cool to see one in real life, not just in Dwell Magazine. I agree, it fits the space wonderfully and you did a great job of bringing the rest of the space up to that high water mark.

The new kitchen is terrific, congratulations! I love how organized your cupboards are. I bet that was satisfying to arrange and photograph. It all looks purposeful and sophisticated. Nicely done!

Onedog - I saw that on House Hunters in Copenhagen as well. I got a kick out of it too.

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I love that table as well. So iconic, but I've never seen one with a marble top before. I covet it! :>) Does it weigh a ton?
ArchitectMama how are those chair legs on your floor. Do they scuff it up much or did you put anything on the bottom to help protect the floor?

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The table weighs a TON! Moving it to our Living Room during the renovation was quite a feat. The finish on it is far more durable than a typical countertop finish. Ours has a ton of micro scratches (I don't mind, we do use it everyday and I like to think it is a patina) but zero stains. The chairs do mar the floor polish after awhile but they don't scratch the poly or make deep gouges. They are very lightweight.

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Looks amazing, now I am inspired to do my own kitchen.
P.S. You must have been so happy to see that black and white backsplash go bye-bye!

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Love it!

The countertop is gorgeous. Will it wear like granite? Just love it. The cabinets, of course are gorgeous.

What is in the cabinets to the left of the fridge...that you walk past as you enter the kitchen?

Love the clever use of space.

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I was traveling and couldn't wait to see this gorgeous kitchen on something larger than my phone.
I love it!
Aren't you so glad to be rid of those soffits! Yeah!!!
I love how you changed the kitchen to be more functional and gorgeous at the same time.
Your quartzite is beautiful and the colors are great.
OK - I Love It!

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@red -From my research, yes, the quartzite will wear almost as well as granite. I'm still being careful though! The pantry with the microwave is adjacent to the fridge. In the cabinets above, I have baking pans and tools.

@gemini- getting rid of the soffits was amazing. It's a small kitchen and that made all the difference!!

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Beautiful kitchen and a perfect balance of vintage and modern, in my opinion. But I am even more taken by the great organization and use of space. I have kitchen envy!

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That's the one! Hi, neighbor! If you don't mind, I would love to ask you some specifics about who you used for certain things and if you have any tips on surviving the renovation with little kids (I have two boys - 5.5 & 2.5). We're scheduled to demo in two weeks and I'm really starting to panic. If it's ok, please let me know and I will send you a private email. Thanks!

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What a wonderful kitchen!

You have more doors in and out of your kitchen than I do, but somehow your kitchen has a much nicer configuration. I love the way the table has a corner all to itself -- seems so spacious and comfortable! The rest of the kitchen is beautiful; as others have said, it's peaceful and calm. The astonishing organization of your cabinet interiors will be fodder for much daydreaming around here.

Could you tell me the dimensions of your kitchen? Thanks!!

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What a calm, lovely space! There are so many details I love: Madre Perla counters, Saarinen table, wall color, clever use of shallow cabinets for spices, etc.

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Justmakeit- The wall with windows is 13'-11" and the dimension in the other direction to the face of refrigerator/face of wall by table is 11'-5". The depth of the "jog" where the pantry and refrigerator sit is an additional 2'-4".

New_2_nj- yes, please email me. I just tried to email you but not sure if it went through. Happy to help in any way I can.

Thanks for all the storage feedback. Three things that I would recommend to anyone here are 1) take an inventory of what you have and think about where it will go 2) order some extra shelves than what is typical, spacing shelves tighter together yields more storage and 3) make your uppers 15" deep. I feel like our storage space doubled.

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Thanks! I sent you an email. I had to fix my settings.

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AM - Thank you so much for spending so much time with me yesterday and showing me your fabulous kitchen. It's hard to believe that it's even more beautiful in person!

I'm sure I'm going to have more questions for you - they filed for the permits today!

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Beautiful! thanks for sharing.

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Your fridge cabinet is very trick.

What happened to your "before" ovens?

When I saw your title I thought for sure you would keep them.

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A beautiful kitchen--it's so peaceful:). Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your pantry along the side of your refrigerator? Thank you!

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Architectmama: your kitchen is very lovely and serene. The inset cabs are beautiful and it's just wonderful overall. Can I ask: it looks like you have about the same amount of space for cabs that I do albeit a different configuration. What I'm wondering is: did you ever consider going frameless for the extra space and if so, what was the deciding factor in going with inset? Or, did the look of inset always trump the extra space of frameless?
I love the look of inset but find that I'm getting stuck on the extra inches of storage loss at least in the lowers. Could you speak to the sizes of the cabinets in your kitchen if you get a chance, please? Thanks so much!

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@MareLuce- The Viking was just too big and way too expensive to overhaul. I gave it to a local appliance repair guy who said he wasn't too sure his wife was going to be pleased with his new big project. ;)

@ilikepie - The overall width is 2'-4"(width of the pantry door pair is 25", inside dim is 26.5") and it is 13" deep to accomodate the microwave. The shelf the microwave sits on is 36" high which determined the door configuration. The top door is 49" tall and the lower is 28" high. The only thing I don't keep in here are my baking supplies which go in the upper to the left of the hood and my oils which are to the right of the hood.

@deedles-I never considered frameless because I've always dreamed of inset. I really don't think you gain that much space. For instance, I measured the uppers to the right of the sink window: outside width dimension is 25" and the inside clear width is 23".
I have 3'-0" of lower on range wall (plus lemans in blind corner). On the window wall, after you account for the trash/recycling (2'-9") and the DW (2'-0") there is only 7'-2" of lower cabinets. I really did a tape mock up of every cabinet on the floor with the items to be stored in them to be sure it would all fit. It is perfect and I am an avid cook. I put all my baking pans/tools in the flip up doors over the refrigerator. They are lightweight so easy to get down and SUCH a spacsaver in my lowers! Credit goes to GW for that, although I can't remember whose kitchen.

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Thanks for the info! That helps me and yup, we have just about the same frontage for cabs. One more question: how do you like your double pull out for trash/recycling under the sink? Would you keep it a one door unit or would you maybe split it now that you've had one door? Is it one door because there is no center stile? Do you find it hard to get to the stuff in the back and is there space for things between the cans? I think it looks great and would seriously consider the same arrangement if you tell me that it works well IRL. I guess I picture people having to get out of the way of the whole door vs. half the width with split doors. Maybe it's not a big deal, though?

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The photo is deceiving. There are two units, they both "push open" so was difficult to photograph in a staggered position. I think one big unit would be cumbersome and too heavy. This works well for us with limited space. Again, you have too really coordinate with your sink and countertop thickness to make sure they will clear. The compartments behind the containers are great. And I love the lids, it makes it feel clean and contained.

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Okay, thank you! A great idea and I may just borrow it from you if it works with our apron sink.

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Again, a beautiful kitchen! Just a few questions I have as we proceed with our remodel:
1. Did you take your crown moulding all the way up so that it is flush with the ceiling? Why, why not?
2. What is the height between the bottom of your counters and the counter top? In your pics it looks like they may be more than the standard 18 inches. I really like the look, looks like your Kitchenaid mixer fits effortlessly under the counter, nice look!
3.) Lastly, in nosing around your pictures I noticed the white ceramic "Salt" box in your cabinet, so cute! Can you share where you got it?
Thanks so much!

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@erinf8 - The crown molding detail in our house is very odd. It is actually 1-3/4" picture molding mounted approximately 1/2" from the ceiling. Since the house is so old and the ceilings far from plumb, the 1/2" space can vary in dimension in any given room. The kitchen ceiling was terribly out of level as well. We feathered down the plaster as best as we could so the variances wouldn't be obvious. The final crown detail was actually a big disappointment of mine in this room. I could not get the cabinets guys or my carpenter to come up with a solution where we could get that 1/2" reveal at the top of the cabinets. We would have had to create extremely long scribes and had we not been running out of time, they might have figured it out. So at the cabinets the shadow line you see at the top is because the molding doesn't touch the ceiling there. It is a big compromise but when I look at the whole room, I try not to dwell on it. Sometimes working in an old house can be really challenging. I am glad I stuck to my guns and kept that little molding when I got a lot of unsolicted advice to use something larger. It just would have looked SO out of place next to the other rooms in our house.
The space between counters and uppers is 18". The light colors make it all appear more airy, I think.
Don't you love that salt box? I just got it two weeks ago at Crate and Barrel (Homestead Salt Cellar $9.95). It is the perfect size and it has a lid.

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ArchitectMamma, thanks so much for the info.. Honestly, I never would have noticed your ceiling space if we too weren't struggling with the exact same problem. That is totally why I studied your pictures and noticed. We are in the same situation, older house uneven ceilings. I'm driving my contractor and husband nuts by not making a final decision on what we will do to make the crown look decent. My friends tell me I am the only one that will notice it in the end since there will be so many other improvements that will draw the attention. I think your kitchen is making me believe this even more. :-)
Interesting about your 18 inch space, it really does look more airy, never would have guessed.
And the salt cute, I think I see a trip to C&B in the near future!

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Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen with us. I'm at the tail end of a gut kitchen reno and its encouraging to know that it will all be worth it.

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What a wonderful transformation!! Your old BS would drive me crazy! Your new kitchen is so serene and such a great blending of traditional with modern touches. Thank you for letting us look at your photobucket album and sharing all the details!

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Glad to see your post appear back here on the first page. I meant to comment earlier and then your reveal was moved down several pages and I didn't take the time to look for it.
Your kitchen is very lovely. Quiet is a good word to describe it. I bet you are so relaxed working in your new space. All your choices work perfectly together.
Congratulations on a job well done.

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Your kitchen is lovely! Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Enjoy cooking in that gorgeous space!

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Love your kitchen! It reminds me of mine....we have similar tastes. My ref. side is not done yet but has been designed to look just like that.
I will also have a 54" x 18" 102" tall hutch to the right of the archway....not yet ordered....but will be soon. Trying to decide if I want white, wood or other color. A small 48x21 island with legs (free standing) will be in the middle.

    Bookmark   May 8, 2013 at 2:39PM
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I am loving your kitchen remodel . Very similar dimensions as our kitchen. I am considering buying the same Kobus Franke sink. Are you happy with it?

    Bookmark   October 3, 2014 at 12:05PM
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