Quilt Pounce chalk

peggy_hostaMarch 7, 2011

I've returned to quilting this winter after raising children, a career, etc. and there's wonderful new products that weren't around 20 years ago.

What's your opinion on the powder chalk used to mark a stencil. One brand I've seen is 'Quilt Pounce'. I need guidance for machine quilting the borders.


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I've used it some. I have the kind that disappears when a hot iron hits it. Good stuff even if a bit messy.

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Ive used both - blue and white. I think it's the blue that washes out, white irons out. I don't like either because they are so messy and the lines smear. For just a border on dark fabric, it might be fine.

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I have use the white that irons out. I find it not the very easy to use but works. I prefer the blue water sol pens. I might not be as informed as I need to be in using the powder. Jayne

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I was thinking of using my blue water sol. pen and stencils but thought it might be too easy to miss a section whereas the chalk covers the whole stencil. Any other ideas for making the stencil design?

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On the table topper I'm working on now, I decided to try the chalk pencils. They come in different colors. So far, I find that it takes a LOT of sharpening. But by having multiple colors, I'm able to find some that show up well on each fabric in the topper.

They have erasers that work ok when I "mis-mark". This project got interrupted, folded up and put away for about a week. I just checked. My marks are still there. Hoping they'll rinse out easily when I'm all done, but the jury's still out on that one.

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Kay, please let us know how it rinses out. I just bought the chalk pencils that are like an Eversharp pen, but it did come with a sharpener. Most of the chalk refills were broken, I hope they work in the pencil.

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