Hood 36" over 30" range ? Help pls quickly :)

mirucaMarch 31, 2013

Should the hood width match the range width? Does anyone have a 36" hood over a 30" range? Does this, or would this, look odd or off balance?

Cabinets ordered with a 30" space for hood and range - but the order is not yet in production and I could adjust the order if needed. I also could adjust for adding more inches to the kitchen if needed.

Along the way a KD commented that the hood should be wider to protect the cabinet - otherwise steam will go up the sides. However, in reading GD WEB posts I read that this has more to do with the shape and depth of the hood - and, if sized appropriately (and not a flat hood) then there was not a need to go beyond the range width.

So - comments please! I need to make any adjustments to the cabinet order quickly.

Does anyone have the 36-30 set up?

Has anyone had problems with steam ruining sides of cabinets where the hood is the same width as the range?

If I change the hood to 36" should I change the range to a 36".


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My memory is to have 3" range hood overhang on either side of stove, so if I'm right... you're perfect with the 36/30.

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Exactly. A 36" hood may not be strictly necessary if you don't do any high-heat cooking, but if you do do any grilling or woking or things that generate a lot of steam or smoke you will really appreciate the extra capture area.

And a 36" hood looks *great* over a 30" range.

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Doesn't it also depend what stove/cooktop/rangetop you have?

I put a 42" hood over my 36" BS rangetop, and it will also be pulled out 3" from the wall because the hood was not deep enough.


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Yep ... we did a 36-inch hood over a 30-inch range. This is recommended by a lot of people for practical purposes, but I'll be honest and admit that I did it mostly for aesthetic purposes. I just preferred an airier look and the price difference between the two sizes of hood liners was very little.

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Does the 36/30 combo mess up the cabinet alignment?

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36 is the way to go. Looks awesome, better capture, all around great as long as you can sacrifice the extra 6" of upper cabinet space.

I have a 48" hood over my 36" range. Looks great, works great. Went with that extra size b/c we mounted it a lot higher than specs recommend so needed the add'l capture.

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Thanks all .. 36" it is!

buildinva - Cabinets will be adjusted to allow the extra six inches on top. It does change the alignment in that the bottom cabinets extend 3 inches more towards range on each side ... but from the visuals I am doing that looks fine.

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