OT 4 yo cut her hair!

rosajoe_gwMarch 18, 2012

When my 17yo DGD came to the Christmas party last year she had one side of her hair cut really close to the head (almost shaved lol) and the other side tapered down to the chin. It was cute!!!

We went to a family birthday party yesterday and my niece's 4yo came in with a patch of hair missing on one side really close to the scalp and the top was very short.

She had been visiting her DGM and cut her own hair (there are no scissors in my niece's home any more). She wanted her hair to look like 'the girl at the Christmas party'. LOL!!!

This is the fourth time she has cut her hair. My niece asked her why she keeps cutting her hair and she said, 'I like the way I cut it better than Miss Sheila (hair dresser). LOL!!!

I told my niece she needs to find a pic in a magazine that the 4yo likes and let Miss Sheila cut it that way. 'Course with this little one it may be a Mohawk!!!!


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I think every little girl ( and sometimes boys) get hold of scissors and do their own styling. Good thing is that it grows out.

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I think letting her pick a hair style is a great idea, even if it is a Mohawk. My DD was shocked when I let her put purple streaks in her hair (which ended up being hot pink for some reason), but it is hair and will grow back.


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Rosa ~ It is a funny story because she is not our child ~lol
I was the kid with the self styled hair, and I didn't have very much! All my dolls had hair cuts - I also cut the hair on all my older sister's dolls ~lol~ no wonder she hated me growing up! I think I cut my baby brother's hair too.
I loved scissors ~ still do - but only to cut fabric!

I agree~hair is an easy "battle" to let the child win.

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Knock on wood, but none of my kids have ever cut anyone's hair. Scissors are readily available, but there is always on-going discussion that scissors are for paper only (I'm the exception to the rule, of course!)

Sure hope mom takes pictures of all these hair styles! It certainly tells a story of this little girl's personality.

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Classic. Kids love to create too. My daughter loved the snipping sounds scissors make, but only cut her hair once. Hope you get pictures for posterity.

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