Level Travertine Paver Deck - High/Low Spots (for the PBs)

bryanazJuly 14, 2011

Our deck has been finished on our pool (1 month) but we are starting to see some areas that are not level all the way around the deck. High and low spots, it seems to be all over the place. Some of areas you may not notice just looking down at the deck, but when you are in the pool looking straight across it's really apparent. And my concern is that if it's not level now and only has been in for a 4-6 weeks, in 2-3 years it's going to be a roller coaster. We know that the deck can't be perfectly level but are there standard code tolerances that are acceptable? Trying to separate the norms of a paver deck vs. poor workmanship.

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It shouldn't be level. It should pitch down and away from the pool. This promotes draining away from the pool during rain or heavy splash outs, keeping dirt out.

Without pictures of when it was being laid, we can't tell if they followed best practices, good practices, or on the cheap.


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