Need help choosing tile for half bathroom floor

purrusApril 15, 2010

Hi everyone,

We are getting our half bathroom remodeled. Right now it is a hideous tiny room with a gold-wallpapered ceiling, dark brown fake wood paneling and a gross old off-white tiled floor (not the cute retro kind, just an ugly cheap kind).

My style is modern-ish with some glitzy touches. I also like MCM furniture.

I am going to do the following:

1. Paint the walls and ceiling a pale pink

2. Install the following pedestal sink with the faucet pictured:

3. Install new light sconces and a new mirror, something along these lines:

though I'm not settled on those light fixtures.

My question is whether you guys have any ideas on floor tiles. The room is small, so something that's not overly busy is probably good. The room also gets no natural light, so dark tile might not be good. I was thinking some kind of white floor tile, but I can't seem to find anything I love. I would love some recommendations or pictures. Thanks in advance!!

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Would it be bad to use something like this, even though it is an older style? I am a huge sucker for black and white anything. I don't want to spend a lot of money (not that this is a lot of money at $5.75/square foot at home depot) and then still have the room look like it has the original tile, in case we sell.

I like this too, for the same reasons...this is more expensive though, at $15.39/SF (for sale here:

I also like this, but I'm suspicious of the price ($5.48 for 11.25x11.25). Is the quality bad? this is at home depot.

Would marble be better? Or granite? I have no idea what to do.

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Also love this b/w basketweave tile:

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Ignore the burgundy tiles, but here is a white floor with pink walls.

Here is large tile which I don't think looks that great in a small bath...I prefer the smaller tiles.

Wrong color, but you can see how several different size/style tiles work together...would look great in white with some pink accents.

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Here is my B/W Home Depot floor. I paid a lot less for this tile at HD, then I could get the same stuff for in a tile store. Actually...the tile stores needed to order it in, HD had it in stock.


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I like Elaine's. I wouldn't do pink on the floor - what if you (or next owner) got tired of pink and repainted?

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your thoughts. I definitely prefer white or white and black (not pink) and small tiles, I guess unless it was a marble or granite floor where the seams aren't so evident.

I love the black and white floor that someone posted (sorry ,I am on the corrections page and can't see the thread to get the name right!). That is really nice tile...will have to look for it.

I'd love to hear more thoughts--thanks! I'm going to the tile store in the morning and need to make a decision.

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