Another little project done

missflippinsMarch 15, 2012

Well, this is my first attempt at free motion. I'm not so happy with the look of the thread I chose, and I sure need a lot more practice on moving the quilt so it's back to a bunch of "sandwiches" again! But, I was pleased that I did have the sewing machine set up for free motion and the tension was good. That in itself was an accomplishment for me.

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Looks great to me!!!!

Last summer I was practicing with sandwiches about a placemat size and my tension was getting OK. Then I tried a baby size and it looked horrible.

Tried this week with the placemat size again and it's like I have never practiced before!

I have read a glass of wine helps but I may need several bottles lol!!! My sister suggested moonshine.

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That's a cute little quilt! And I think your first try at FM looks pretty good. It just takes practice, practice, practice!

(I'm afraid to try wine with a moving needle!)


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I like the FM meandering design, and I think you did a great job, considering the size of the or lap?

Excellent choice of colors, and I think the thread color is fine...looks to be white, which blends in with the polka dots, and the background of the cute bug squares.

It's just adoreable!


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Really cute quilt!

Rosa, Maybe we can get some help at retreat in October. Wouldn't that be awesome????


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It's a very sweet little quilt. Free motion takes a long time to learn, and I think you are very brave to try it. I have only done a table runner. It was okay, but all the quilts I've made lately have had a Minky backing, and I haven't had the courage to try FM on them yet. Good job!

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That's a cute quilt.
I have practiced FMQ on single blocks but haven't been brave enough to try anything else.


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Good for you for just doing it! Quilting a real quilt is different than practice sandwiches, you have to deal with different color material which can make it difficult to see where you are going, you have to deal with seams, and you have to deal with the bulk of the quilt.

I don't think your quilting thread color is bad; it is a difficult decision which color to use when you have a multi-colored quilt. (I recently made a horrible choice and ruined a good quilt with a bad choice, but I sure learned a lot form that experience and now I pay much more attention to thread color!)

Keep up the good work and it will get easier and easier.

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Thank you all for your kind words and encouraging comments. I must say, I'm very happy I joined in here because it has certainly helped me to keep trying. Just seeing all the beautiful quilting projects by members on this forum is really inspiring. My problem is there is just so much time in a day and I want to do so much. I guess over time I'll slow down a bit, but right now I want to do every quilt I see - they are all so beautiful and so well done!

Thanks again. I will keep showing my projects, and I hope you all will too!

Best wishes, Corinne

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