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lola99March 8, 2012

question 1:

I often see pictures of quilts on line (usually on blogs) that I would like to save for inspiration. Is there an easy way to cut and paste these pictures into one place? How do you save pictures that you see on line?

question 2:

How do you use Flicker? I know you can join and upload and share photos, but do you belong? Is that a good place to save or clip pictures that you see and you like?

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Lola, I often find if I right click on a picture it gives me an option to save it. I have a quilt design folder on my computer where I save them.

I don't know about Flickr but Photobucket is free. You just create an account and then you can upload your pictures. You can create albums for them and choose to make them public or private.

To post Photobucket pictures in thread here, you just copy the HTML code and paste it into your thread.

Someone who uses Flickr will probably be along soon with more information.


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Lola, I do as Donna does and save them in an album. If it's something that I really want to make, I also copy and paste it into a folder in my Documents and make note of the URL, who made it, size and if there's anything I might do differently.

My screen saver is set to 'slide show' so I get to watch everything in my Picture Album sliding by. lol


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Like Donna, I also right click on the pic and save it to my computer.

I would often see an internet quilt print and print it for inspiration. I found that I was using way too much paper so now I just save the pic to my computer.

Lately, I have started a folder where I save the page address plus a simple explanation of the pic from that page, rather than save the pic itself.


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I just right click and save in a folder too. I also use photobucket.

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The nice thing about uploading to a free photo site is that your pics are safer on that site than in your puter. I have lost a lot of my quilt pictures by having them in a folder on the puter, but found them in my albums on a picture site.

If you do save that info in your puter, please back them up occasionally. Most of us intend to do that, but are dreadfully behind really doing it. LOL. So I keep a thumb drive handy next to the puter and sometimes will just back up something directly to the thumbdrive immediately. I have had computers since their inception on the market. In fact my first one was a custom built because they weren't mainstream then. I did a lot of back-up of data since their memories then were quite small and keeping a bunch of data, especially pictures on a puter slowed it down. Not so much of an issue anymore, but data loss is.

I have had puters crash from lightening hitting the cable, even when they were unplugged. Lost it from one puter literally catching on fire, and crashed a few others.

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I stopped saving my photos site to Google's photos storage site because they are getting too lenient with their privacy policies. I use Photobucket to post photos here, but after awhile I delete them. I don't put private photos of family etc., on it. They do have a feature to not let it go public but I don't trust these sites to fulfill their privacy promises. Best thing is to do backup discs of your photos frequently if you store a lot of them.

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There are times when you can't right-click to save a picture. That's when I use my "Snipping Tool" (available on Vista and Windows 7 computers) to save the picture. In "Pictures" on my computer, I have folders for quilt pictures (pictures of my quilts are in separate folders), by type of quilt or pattern (i.e., babies, floral, log cabin, etc.). I currently have 6,000 quilt pictures! They are backed up regularly on an external hard drive, plus I burn them onto a DVD every 4-6 months as an added precaution.

I also save quilt patterns on my computer, because you never know when a site will remove them. This is especially helpful with BOMs. I may not want to make a particular BOM now, but want to keep it for future use.

My whole life is on my computer, so I am very diligent about backups. I've never had a computer crash in the 20 years I have owned a computer...but there could always be that first time. Not worth taking a chance.

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Like most here, I use Photobucket and have for years.

On my computer, I also have a couple hundred quilt pictures (maybe more!). To save I do as the others do and right click, then save it to whichever folder I want. When saving a picture, or any file, you always have the option of creating a new folder and naming it whatever you want. Let us know if you want more specific instructions on how to do that.

Wanda's snipping tool advice is very good! I use a similar program called Cropper that's available as a free download. With that I can highlight and save any portion of a screen image; I use it all the time.

Hope that helps,

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Thank you all for responding. I am going to use your ideas - I have been saving the link, but that is not working as there are too many. I have tried to right click on some pictures, but sometimes it doesn't work and I didn't have a specific spot to past the pictures when it did work. I had not heard of Wanda's snipping tool or Kate's Cropper - I'll look into those features.

Thanks again everyone. I appreciate your advice - as always!

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I've added the link to the Cropper free download below. If you use it, remember that when you capture a picture it automatically puts it in a folder in your My Documents folder, called Cropper Captures. It took me a while the first time to find it!

The snipping tool is probably already on your computer. Look under Accessories (in your Program Files), then scroll down to Snipping Tool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cropper

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