embroidery transfer sheets pics

rosajoe_gwMarch 3, 2012

I bought these about 6 years ago in a thrift shop in Orlando, Fl. I have never seen transfer sheets like this and really wasn't sure that's what they were, but they were so cheap I bought them (5 sheets). They are as thick as craft felt and I tested a small piece, it gives a nice clear print and the transfer could be used several times. Has anyone seen tranfers like this? All of mine have been like tissue paper.


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Rosa, I've only seen the paper type, too. Is there a copyright or something on one edge? It's nice that they transfer well!


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Donna, this has me so preplexed! They were in a large clear bag with no markings on them (like fabric will have in the selvedge)at all.

I have asked some people from European countries and no one recognizes them.

They actually transfer darker than the paper and are thick enough that they don't shift.

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I have never seen them, but sounds like a great idea to me. Nice they can be used more than once, too.


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I've never seen anything like that either. Are you sure they aren't the actual piece to be embroidered for a wall hanging? The pattern would iron transfer off them, too. Maybe you were supposed to stitch them. I've seen patterns on felt to be embroidered.

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Linda you may have solved it! But they are vertical panels, I would think a hanging would be horizontal. I have searched old embroidery books too, they really have me puzzled.
Any way I think you are right!

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Should they be cut apart on the lines to make four panels??

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That is a great find! And the fact that you can use them more than once is very cool!!


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