FiberStar Led Light on Red Does Not Light Pool

doylineJuly 30, 2011

We have 3 FiberStar Led High Power Mulit Color Lights in our pool and when they go to Red they do not light up the pool. You can see the red light if you are standing right in front of it, but they do not project any light, the pool goes dark. The other colors light up the whole pool and we can see everything. Is this normal?? Shouldnt the red light, light up the pool just like the green and blue??

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Sounds like a new pool.
Have you called your builder? I would start there.......

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Not exactly. The color red has a shorter "reach" than the other colors. Someone should come along to give you a more technical explanation, but if the LED's are only showing red, it'll surely be darker than the other colors, and very well won't fill the pool with color. Our SAVI LED's red color is called "Magenta", and is actually a mixture of red and blue... which gets some more color into the pool, but is definitely the darkest of the five colors it circles through.

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It is a new pool, and I did start with the PB supervisor. He said you (meaning me,) can pull the lights out of the pool wall , the cord should reach the deck, (his words) and change some switch in there if I dont like the color. I was was just wanting to know if this was normal before I made another battle over something. Thanks jerseypool, I think he said something about Magenta I will start this battle slowly!!

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