can anyone provide some thoughts on this quote? I am in Florida

dcassJuly 28, 2012

any feedback on our first quote? hopefully it is legible.

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What size rebar? Spaced how far on centers? What additional support is the bond beam being given?

331 feet if it were a rectangle, would be about a 16x21 and about 74 feet of coping.

All Intelliflows have 8 user selectable speeds. Earlier VSs and VS-3050 models only had four but they added a timer and four speeds. Your contract specks a 4 speed. Question to be raised or corrected. No timer is needed for it anymore.

Upgraded to a Rainbow 320 from the floater? How about using the right product to begin with and saying that? Good equipment but that wasn't my point.

On the raised sheer wall, what type of hand holds?

Since you're not putting in a pressure side cleaner, but rather a vacuum side cleaner, I would drop it in favor of a robot.

Darned little in the way of information on the Fusion Pool Products web site. I'd never heard of them before.

Is the sheer being lit too? Will it sync with the pool light?

Will one Fusion Pool Light be enough?

What is Florida Gem?

How big is the decking to be ground and to be poured and coated?

The decking needs more than just the Fibermesh. It needs a steel mesh, tied to the pool and bond.

How many feet of what type of fencing?

Any rails or ladders?


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I will find out the answers to some of these. Can you explain pressure side cleaner VS vacuum cleaner VS robot?

The sheer is not being lit.

Florida Gem seems to be the company most south Florida builders use, instead of diamond brite or pebble tec. All the companies I have spoken to so far use this finish.

I have to look up how big the deck is that has to be ground and resurfaced, but am getting conflicting info on whether it has to be ground. It is a concrete deck that we painted. One says it can be done without grinding, another says no that it will eventually come up. Thoughts?

The child fence is a soft mesh type fence. We wont be using it so I did not ask questions but we have to get it due to code.

No rails or ladders.

Do you have a thought on the Rainbow chlorinator vs a salt chlorinator? I am new to this and have heard different opinions.

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oh the pool will end up being 13x30 but it is not a rectangle. Our yard and setbacks limited size choices somewhat.

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Dcass, your price seems very reasonable. I would definately get the concerns from poolguynj answered. You can look at our pool build in the link. Please post pics when you start.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our new pool build, Jacksonville FL

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What type of paint did you use to paint with and how long ago was it done?

How many square feet of new decking is to be poured?

Of the erosion feeders, I like the Rainbow 320 the best. However, with your pump, the water won't move fast enough. Also, with a cartridge filter, dilution will be a problem. Tablets add a stabilizer called cyanuric acid, aka CYA or conditioner. While CYA protects chlorine against the Sun's rays, its the unstabilized levels of chlorine that do the work. CYA doesn't leave the water except by dilution. Therefore, it keeps building up to make the chlorine levels unmanageable. The pool will need periodic draining to dilute it and with a cartridge filter, this is problematic.

With salt cells, I like the Intellichlor. The don't add CYA as they produce chlorine. Once the CYA is added, its pretty much done except for when you have rain and need to lower the pool some. Fortunately its cheap and not often needed. I encourage you to go this route.

I would check with your local code officials on fence requirements. That type of fencing in my area doesn't meet code and I suspect it won't in your area either.


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It was painted about 5 years ago, and it was a "silicone acrylic concrete sealer". I think the existing deck is 276 sf and the new deck is adding 897 sf.

So, with regards to the chlorinator, if all other things remain the same and we change out the rainbow feeder to the salt cell chlorinator, does that solve the issue? If we stuck to the rainbow chlorinator, what else would need to change to avoid future issues or frequent draining?

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thanks for the link brentr, your pool looks fantastic! This is all a bit overwhelming and so many different opinions and ways of doing things makes this a difficult process.

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Using the Rainbow will require a significant flow, about 60 GPM or so. Using a salt cell, the flow can be slowed to about half that. It solves the CYA concern I expressed, uses less energy, and never carrying another buck of tabs or handling them is icing on the cake.


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I have an Intellichlor IC40 and it produces chlorine at flows as low as 21 gpm. And Scott is right, not having to deal with chlorine tabs is great.

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i am happy with my rainbow tab feeder, however i use a sort of a hybrid approach so i don't build up too much cya. i put in 1 tab per week and supplement with bleach, usually about twice per week poured directly in the pool in front of a return. i turn my feeder all the way up to 5 so the single tab erodes in a week. been working fine for me and my cya is fairly stable at around 60. the rainbow feeder is much cheaper than swcg.

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I hope you have your FC level at about 5, brg88tx. How big is your pool? Even that single tab is developing an increase in CYA. A single tab won't produce enough to meet the demand in the Texas sun.


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