Stolen quilts ~ Patsy Thompson

magothyrivergirlMarch 6, 2012

Patsy Thompson is a gifted and talented artist / quilter.

I have learned alot from her free tutorials and her website.

She recently had quilts, blocks and quilts in progress stolen from her car while traveling. You can read her blog. Very sad.

Maybe someone, somehow will see a piece of fabric along the way, look at it, and find some of her work.

In the meantime - she has some good prices on Batiks. I was at Joanns last week - Batiks priced at $15.99!!! I only buy batiks at Joann's if I need a small amount of a color & happen to see one I like.

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That is so sad. Let's hope by some miracle she gets them back. Batiks at Fabricland in Canada are $21.99. What's going on with the price of cotton these days? Maybe too many quilters! They always use the excuse "supply & demand". But that's starting to wear thin.


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Unrest in the Middle East was predicted to result in much higher cotton prices. Not sure if manufacturers are using that as an excuse or if it really did effect the supply. Egypt isn't even one of the top 5 producers of cotton so it sounds unfounded to me. Rising demand in China, bad flooding in Pakistan and India --- those are probably more responsible for increasing cotton prices. But whatever the cause, the price is going up and up. Bad for quilters! I thought $9/yd was bad but we are already way past that.

The story about Patsy Thompson losing her quilts and blocks is horrible. It's not like quilts are in high demand in pawn shops so they weren't taken as a money-making proposition. Someone grabbed them simply to have them and it was most likely a quilter who understood what they were taking!!! Doesn't that make it even worse?!?


Here is a link that might be useful: Article on rising cotton prices

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Gasoline makes everything that's delivered go higher in price.

I do not understand the reasoning behind stealing these quilts. It isn't like someone isn't going to recognize the patterns. Now is the time for the Quilt Police to be searching flea markets, Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist etc.


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I agree Sharon and they are prob being sold much below their real value! Thanks for posting Marsha I'm going to look up her site. Very sad!!!

We used to grow cotton a lot in our area when I was growing up and they switched to Vidalia onions. The last couple of years we have cotton everywhere because of the increased value.

I was talking to a farmer's wife a few weeks ago and she said the farmer's market is flooded with cotton. It's all by machine now so it takes no time at all to harvest a big field.

I think Kate is right, they are using it as an excuse to raise prices in our slow economy.

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The odds of a quilt being found if it is sold other than online? Not so high, sadly. They show up in lots of venues. Farmer's markets, antique shops, decorator showrooms. Private homes with a quilts for sale sign outside. Who buys quilts retail? Not usually other quilters who might read about and recognise a design. Tourists. Gift shoppers looking for an heirloom at a good price.

My husband does fine embroideries. I'm talking six month projects working hours a day. He does not sell them, but sometimes donates them. I have asked him several times to enter one at our county fair. I suspect he has not because of the lack of security at places like that. Even our insurance agent was stumped on how to evaluate an object like that and suggested good photographic documentation.

I've also looked into the cotton price situation because I don't like clothing made from anything but natural fibres. Thankfully I don't buy many clothes. LOL. One other reason for the price and shortage is that garment makers, seeing the cotton futures prices (and futures speculation has also contributed to the shortage) have gobbled up inventory so that they'd have stock on hand to stay in production without having to pay exhorbitant prices.

If what they are saying is true, then the price should be cyclical and come back down in a year or two. But we all know how easy it is to raise pricing and how reluctant the establishment gets about lowering them until there is a glut on the market.

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I did not realize the link to Patsy's blog about her stolen quilts did not post - sorry!
Her quilts were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They weren't the target of the theft, so she believes they were dumped and thrown away somewhere.
I've reposted the link for those who are interested, as well as seeing her beautiful work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Patsy Thompson

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This reminds me of years ago when my sister's home was robbed. The thieves took all the Christmas gifts and electonics, and they must have wrapped them in her little boy's "blankie." That, of course, was the biggest loss of all. I still remember how sad he was, and it's been 40 years.

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Just terrible.

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Lois, my mom had a home invasion some years ago. Guy broke in in the middle of the night, hit her in the face with her frying pan, then took her fireproof box (which had only papers, no valuables) AND took the frying pan!


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I can sympathize as we had our car broken into while on vacation and lost items that would be of no use to the theif. Fortunately for us they missed my sewing machine and computer but didn't make the losses any less painful.
Even if Pasty doesn't get her beautiful quilts back I hope some one is able to enjoy them and they are not in some dumpster.

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I had my home broken into several times. They had to be teens cause they were more interested in my clothes than jewelry lol!

A guy I worked with had all of his children's Christmas in the trunk of the car to hide them from the kiddies. The car was stolen from our AT&T parking lot. We took up a colloection to help replace the gifts.

I hope they do not dumpster them!

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On a positive note, here is a quote from Patsy's blog:

I enjoyed every minute of working on this quilt so I'm grateful for that. For me, quilting is really about the process of making the quilt instead of the final product.

The loss of the quilt is a tragedy, but no one can take away her enjoyment while constructing the blocks, designing the free motion stitching, fusing the applique pieces, the trapunto work, etc.

All her skills were being used, giving her satisfaction and joy in the process.

Time will heal all.


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Donna, if that weren't so terrible, it would be really funny.

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